Cry no more, God is with you

By putting their faith in God, Christians will be able to overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations.

By putting their faith in God, Christians will be able to overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations.

In Cry No More, God is With You!, Reverend Geary Reid discusses the importance of prayer and perseverance. Life was never intended to be easy. Throughout their lives, Christians will face a myriad of obstacles. Some of these obstacles will be easily surmountable, while others will take more time, energy, and devotion to overcome. It is important for Christians to remember, however, that God does not mean for them to go through life’s challenges alone. Instead, God will always be there to offer guidance, and as long as Christians put their trust in Him and His plan, they will eventually triumph. 

Indeed, the Bible presents various stories about the importance of prayer and persistence. For example, when Moses and the children of Israel left Egypt, they were fearful of what was to come and called out to God. In response, God orchestrated their victory against the Pharaoh and the Egyptian army. Furthermore, when King Hezekiah was sick, he cried out to God for help. God answered his call and awarded him with fifteen more years. King Jehoshaphat, who was faced with three different armies at once, called out to God for help, and God ensured his victory. Truly, the Bible contains many stories about the power of prayer and faith. Though life is full of challenges, Christians must remember that if they call on God for help, He will answer them. 



The challenges people go through are many. Sometimes, before one problem is completed, another one comes along. These problems can be overwhelming. No human can escape problems, no matter their age, wealth, or wisdom. But although there will always be challenges in life, God will protect those who cry unto him for help. He always wants to help his children, and he expects them to reach out to him. God wants to bring an end to the pains believers have experienced. He does not want them to give up. Even in times of distress, God is there for his children. No one can predict when problems will occur, but if they are in the Lord, he will give them the strength and wisdom to endure their problems.

As Moses and the children of Israel left Egypt and were moving in a new direction, God hardened the heart of Pharaoh and the army of Egypt to follow them. The children of Israel were fearful, and they cried out to God and Moses. God heard the cries of his children and strategically directed them to cross the Red Sea. God allowed the armies of Pharaoh and Egypt to follow them, because he wanted to bring an end to the enemies of the children of Israel. 

King Hezekiah was sick and was about to die. The king did not accept the words spoken by Prophet Isaiah, so he cried out to God for help. Immediately after Hezekiah cried out to God, the Lord sent Prophet Isaiah with a different message. This time around, the message was favorable to King Hezekiah.

King Jehoshaphat was faced with three armies at once. The king did not trust in his own strength, so he and the nation of Judah cried out unto their God for help. The Lord heard them and spoke to Jahaziel. Specific directions and instructions were given to the people of Judah. God ambushed the enemies of Judah and gave Judah sweet victory because they sought His help.

Hannah was provoked. She cried out to the Lord, and he heard her prayer. She slept with her husband, and thereafter, she conceived and gave birth to a male child. 

The children of Israel had walked away from the Lord, and the Midianites mistreated them. However, as the children of Israel cried out to God, he used Gideon to rescue them. While Gideon’s army was small compared to his enemies, God caused the children of Israel to win the battle.

Lazarus’ death caused much discomfort to his sisters and relatives. However, when Jesus finally came to the tomb of Lazarus four days later, he restored his good friend. Mary and Martha were no longer sad, but happy, because their brother was restored to life.

Today, the Lord is still available to wipe away the tears of many people, if they will only cry to him. The Lord will be near to those who call upon him, as he does not want them to cry anymore. 


Life is full of many challenges. Some are simple and easily fixed, while others are more complicated and difficult to overcome. No one, however, is meant to go through life alone. In their darkest hour, Christians must remember that God is there to help and support them. How can prayer connect Christians to God? Why should Christians put their trust in God’s plan? What does the Bible teach Christians about the importance of prayer and perseverance? In this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers answers to these questions—and many more. God does not want His people to suffer needlessly, and He will always be there to aid those who truly believe in Him. By putting their faith in God, Christians will be able to overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations.

Author Bio

Before he dedicated his life to God, Reverend Geary Reid tried to fight his battles all on his own—to no avail. When he finally decided to allow God to fight for him, Reid realized the importance of faith and perseverance. Though life is undeniably challenging and fraught with obstacles, Reid knows that with God’s guidance, he will eventually triumph. God will always support and help those who reach out to Him through prayer and devotion. Life may seem difficult at times, but God will never abandon those who believe in Him. With this book, Reid wants to remind believers that by putting their faith in God, they will be able to overcome all of life’s challenging moments.

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