Enjoying work

Find the best way to take real joy from your work and maintain the balance between your professional and personal life.

In Enjoying Work, author Geary Reid puts forth the question “How do you really feel about working, and why?” Based on years of experience in a variety of business environments, he offers practical guidance on how you can maximize your enjoyment at work in ways you might not have considered previously. This extends not only to professional settings but also to volunteer work, community programs, and religious organizations. Find out how to enjoy your own work and make a place of action more enjoyable for all those involved. Geary argues that the small things can lead us to resent work, but he demonstrates how to look at those things with a new frame of mind.



Working is an awesome experience. However, this blessing may at times seem painful to some persons. There are many reasons for people to work in life. You may have to work in order to survive, to provide for your family or to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. But whatever your reasons for working, you should be able to enjoy doing it.

This book seeks to address some areas that cause stress in the workplace and some areas that can bring joy. If you are able to find joy while working, then you might be able to accomplish many more good things during your work experience. If you are motivated, you may be able to help others to become better.

This book is segmented into three sections;

  • Challeneges for employees
  • Employer’s Assistance
  • Employee’s happiness

Employees are faced with many challenges, but if they keep working skillfully, they may be able to find ways to overcome some of them. Some challenges can be eliminated as you build friendships and create good networks. You also have the opportunity to find a companion in the workplace.Working provides you with many benefits that you would not be able to enjoy if you were at home, such as travel exposure, compensation, physical exercise and capacity-building, which in turn allow for self-development. As you work, you may be able to go places and meet people, some of whom may help with your personal development, or you may contribute to their success.Working can be fun for many employees; it provides the opportunity to become a great leader or a good follower. However, you must make that choice today. As you work, you may be recognized for what you do. The social events that you participate in may provide you with many awards. Be joyful at work and find moments to smile and laugh.


In Enjoying Work, author and experienced leader Geary Reid lays out the path to keeping a positive mental attitude in any work situation. Based on years of experience in fast-paced corporate environments, Reid offers valuable insights for every worker, discussing the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and providing tips on how to find healthy and affirming outlets for stress. Gain a better understanding of how you can find joy in the small things in life and apply this mindset at work, creating changes that will improve any business or organization.

Author Bio

Finding lasting enjoyment in the workplace is one of the hardest goals to achieve. Geary Reid has a long and storied history working in all kinds of companies and organizations, which has left him with a keen understanding of how to find joy in the everyday actions of any workplace. His unique experiences in the business world, both as an employee and as a leader, have given him a wealth of valuable insights about how to create a healthy work–life balance and keep the positive outlook to enjoy it.

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