Enjoying your Senior Years

Life doesn’t end with retirement. Senior citizens should and can enjoy full and meaningful lives.

Geary Reid wants to help seniors make the most of their time. In this inspiring and motivational guidebook, he advocates for people to live their best lives after retirement, stressing the importance of seniors sharing with others the wisdom and knowledge they have gained, investing in meaningful relationships, and finding work to do, even if it’s just gardening. Reid encourages seniors to use their knowledge and ability and to care for their minds and bodies so they can fully enjoy their retirement.




Older adults must not be forgotten. They must not be placed in a rocking chair next to a window, just watching other persons enjoy life. Working hard is important for everyone, but after retirement, there must be some time for rest and enjoyment. Working just to pay the bills is not an excellent way to see life. Most persons work not just to gain some income, but also to utilize their skills and knowledge. Those who are employed must enjoy their working life. No one should take the posture of hoping to attain the retirement age and just be classified as a senior citizen.
Life is filled with many memorable moments, and when you become a pensioner, you still have much life ahead of you. You must begin to figure out what you can do next and how you can have fun doing those things you like. Senior citizens can use their time after retirement to motivate other persons. In some organizations, those who are matured, skilled, and knowledgeable may be allowed to guide new or young employees. Before some persons retire, they may be asked to share their knowledge and experience to train other employees. Since they have much experience within the organization, they can make training very easy for those employees with less experience. Some employers may not have a pension scheme to reward retiring employees for their service, so those organizations that have pension schemes and provide their employees with their pensionable benefits must be congratulated.
When a person retires, he or she has time at his or her disposal. Some retirees will spend some of this extra time with their families. During their working life, they might have been unable to meet or visit many family members, but after retirement, they may have time to spend with their parents, companions, children, grandchildren, and other relatives. Neighbors may have the opportunity to interact more with the retirees in their community since the retirees do not have to go to work.
Once you have retired, there are many things you may choose to do with your time. Gardening is an activity that some senior citizens may do for exercise, enjoyment, or to make some additional revenue. No senior citizen should ignore their health, so when persons are aged, they must also exercise, whether at home or at the gym. Religious activities are also of interest to some senior citizens. Their service and knowledge help many members to grow in theory and practice. Cultural events may also be a way for elderly persons to relax and enjoy life. There may be opportunities for elderly persons to dance at home for entertainment, which brings them joy. Those who are good at singing may find comfort in singing for themselves or others.
Dress your best. The dead cannot change their clothes. Look good, feel good, and enjoy life.


Author Geary Reid has witnessed the boredom and hopelessness many senior citizens face when they retire. Because of this, he believes systems must be put in place to help seniors have fun and feel useful and motivated. In this guidebook, Reid details how the elderly can realize the potential of their senior years and use their time in worthwhile ways, such as passing on their knowledge through mentoring, visiting with their family, getting to know their neighbors, keeping themselves healthy, and getting involved in religious organizations. Along with ideas for how they can live their best lives, Reid offers the elderly practical advice on issues concerning pensions, income, and debt.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid has spent time with many elderly people over the years, talking with them and hearing of their experiences, including their boredom. The elderly are seeking things to do, and Reid has many ideas that will give them hope and renewed purpose. Reid wants to motivate the elderly to have fun and encourage their children to take care of them. He believes in and models giving back to senior citizens because he knows that many have contributed to his own success.

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