Everyone Needs Forgiveness

The first step to living a fuller, more peaceful life is to forgive.

Forgiveness isn’t earned; it’s given.

Just as God offers forgiveness to everyone without discrimination, so we are to offer it to others. The truth is, everyone sins and needs to be forgiven.

Too often people live trapped in unforgiveness, unaware of the power they have to improve their lives. They must learn to forgive themselves and others to heal and move forward. Forgiveness is necessary for a full life. 

Whether you forgive or not affects:

– your health.

– your peace of mind.

– your openness to spiritual greatness.

– the quality of your relationships.

– your prayer life.

– your prosperity.

– your ability to worship.

– your marriage.

Everyone needs forgiveness, no matter their situation. Grab a copy of Everyone Needs Forgiveness and start your road to personal and relational healing today!



Have you ever considered why forgiveness is important? Do you want others to forgive you? Can others see you as a forgiving person? If you want to enjoy the blessings of God and the love of others, then let forgiveness become part of your daily decision-making. You are too intelligent and God-fearing to be carrying unforgiveness in your heart. Do not make yourself into a garbage receptacle, carrying around with you the garbage of what persons might have said or done to you. Be willing to put away past hurts and move freely into the future, knowing that God has great things for you to do, once your heart is cleaned.

There is no one who lives a life without doing something which hurts others or makes them uncomfortable. When someone does something wrong, which we all do, they need others to forgive them. People need the forgiveness of the Creator for the sins that they have committed. 

Within some homes, there are family members who have not forgiven each other for a long time. At some workplaces, employees hate each other and refuse to interact because of past hurts. But when people continue to forgive each other quickly, they will make this world a place with fewer enemies and more friends.

Children must learn to forgive their parents, and it is also expected that parents will forgive their children. Families who are living as enemies are not representing the Lord in their actions and attitudes. 

The things some persons have done will require that they be taken before the courts for their outcome to be determined by the magistrate or judge. The way some humans treat each other is inhumane, and they must pay the penalty for their attitudes and actions. Those who have experienced domestic violence must seek urgent protection from the actions and words meted out against them by the perpetrator.

Those who want forgiveness must be willing to forgive others. Everyone will do things to hurt another person at some point in life, but this world does not need more persons who are hurting. The hearts of people must be opened to accept forgiveness from others and find reasons to enjoy their lives. Too many people are still living with hurts from the past, even though their offender has asked for forgiveness from them.

If you have done something wrong to another person, be mature enough to take responsibility. Approach that person and let them know that you are sorry for what you have done to them. It may take just a few seconds to express yourself, but be genuine in seeking forgiveness. Life is too precious and short, so live peacefully with people, since each person needs the support and guidance of others. Do not go to your grave with anyone on your mind who has caused you pain, but forgive people and enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

People have the power to make this life better with each other, so they should start today by forgiving others and also forgiving themselves. 


We all do things that hurt ourselves and others. No one likes to hurt or be hurt, and it can be easy to become trapped in unforgiveness, unable to move forward. Yet, forgiveness is essential for a fuller, happier life. Christians are told God will not forgive them until they learn to forgive others. The good news is, God offers forgiveness to all, and we can too.

Author Bio

Coming from a religious background, Reverend Reid has a passion to help people to forgive. He tries to practice forgiveness, following Christ’s example. He has taught about forgiveness in the church and to his children many times. He has also learned how powerful and healing forgiveness can be on a personal level.

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