From Singleness to Married Life

Before you set out to meet “the one,” read this book.

With insight from twenty years of marriage, author Geary Reid offers a guide on Christian dating, from finding that special someone to planning your life together. Discover where and how to meet other singles, learn about the stages of courtship, and find out how to tell whether the person you’re dating will be a good life partner for you by measuring your compatibility in real-life scenarios. For those sure they’ve found the one, Reid discuses how to tackle wedding planning in manageable stages, providing practical advice to keep you from breaking the bank on your special day. Additionally, Reid shares his wisdom on family planning, managing finances, and other important family matters to help you make life plans with your future spouse.




Finding a suitable companion can be very challenging. Some persons will express that they have looked for a suitable companion but have given up hope. However, this literature provides some refreshing views which may cause many persons to restart their pursuit of looking for a companion and give guidance to those who are looking for a companion for the first time.

This literature is divided into three sections. The first section addresses the issue of singleness and looking for a suitable companion. In the second section, readers will find much important information about planning a wedding. The last section offers some guidance so that after the wedding, couples can be prepared for their children, completing the journey of moving from singleness to being parents.

Being single is not a harmful thing. However, those who need a companion must know what to do and where to search. As some persons work, they have opportunities not only to earn but also to find a companion. The money they receive from working may be needed to finance their wedding. Once a companion is found, then it is time for courtship. The duration of courtship varies from person to person, but it is an essential phase to allow couples to know more about each other.

Courtship is not expected to continue forever. Therefore, once both persons are committed, then it is time to plan the wedding. All weddings will have costs attached to them. The time for the wedding and the sequence of events must be properly understood so that each person has great results on the wedding day. For example, if the music played by the disc jockey is not appropriate, it will affect all the invitees. If amateur photographers are used, then the bride and groom will complain after the wedding is over, but they cannot change the photographs taken. The dress and suit to be worn on that special day must be properly organized a long time before the wedding day. The invitation also has to be designed, reviewed, and approved. After the invitation is approved, it will be sent to selected persons, since not everyone can be invited to the wedding. There are many options to distribute the invitations such as written invitation cards, via social media, word of mouth, etc.

Additionally, couples must seek counseling before marriage so that they will get to know more about each other and their expectations. Choosing the place for the religious service is another choice that the couple must make. It is expected that the religious leader will keep the service brief and relevant. The attendees are expected to have a joyful time at the reception, at which there will be a lot of food and drink. They may have the opportunity to communicate with persons they have not seen for a very long time. At the reception, single persons also have the opportunity to find suitable companions.

After the wedding day, each couple must think about their new family and how to grow it. Each child must be educated, and it is their parents’ responsibility to make a sacrifice for the educational development of each child.

Many wives are expecting to be mothers for the first time. They must remember that pregnancy has its complications, but after the third trimester, they will have the baby to hold. As each child is born, the parents must spend money wisely. Therefore, every parent must plan their spending.

Family devotions are very important. Through family devotions, many talents are developed in the family. Both children and parents learn how to interact with the Creator and other persons. During devotion, prayer must be made for workmates, schoolmates, and all other persons.


Seeking your future spouse? In this comprehensive guide to dating and marriage, author Geary Reid discusses where and how single people can meet, presenting grounded advice to help you tactfully learn about your partner’s background and what he or she wants in a relationship. Discover how to discern whether you and your partner share similar values, and learn what to look out for with your partner’s family. Reid also examines the practical steps leading to marriage, including premarital counseling and wedding planning, and offers helpful tips for planning your married life. With guidance on planning for kids, managing finances, parenting, and leading a family devotion, this book will set you off on the right path toward life with your partner.

Author Bio

Geary Reid is familiar with the worries and struggles single people face, having faced many of the same difficulties as a single man. Today, he has been happily married to his wife, Patricia Providence-Reid, for more than twenty years. He has learned much from both his years of singleness and his years as a husband and a father to two children, John Isaiah Reid and Ariel Sarah Reid. He hopes his advice will help people choose their partners wisely and produce long-lasting marriages.

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