Leading an Organization to Success

Failure is not always the end for an organization, success may be just around the corner. That’s why Geary Reid has taken his passion for success and written this book with helpful insights and advice that can jumpstart your organization’s journey to greatness. Through this book and your own hard work, your organization will establish a clear vision and begin prospering before you know it.



Life and death are certain on this earth. Success and failure are also certain for humans and organizations. Many organizations have successes and, likewise, failures. There are various reasons organizations fail, but failure may not be the final destination. Some people settle for this uncomfortable position of failure while others see this as a temporary state that allows for re-evaluation and ultimately a change in course that leads to success.

This book provides valuable insights and justifications of how you can sustain the success of your organization. You have invested too much resources (time, money, etc.) to see your organization fail. When your organization becomes successful, you will be able to receive a reward and possibly employ more persons.

Many organizations that are successful, especially medium- and large-sized organizations, have established a clear vision and mission that guide their operations. To attain the desired level of success, organizations must form consistent goals and strategies to meet the already established vision and mission. Those at the corporate level must make key decisions, along with the board of directors who are responsible for providing guidance, holding management accountable for its actions and leading the organization to either success or failure.

Once the goal, objectives and strategies are established, it’s time for the organization’s tactical officers to execute the plan. The tactical-level officers are very important to an organization, as they are in direct contact with the junior employees and more likely to influence their actions that contribute to achieving the desired results.

The performance of the organization must be assessed, and corrective actions taken where necessary. Every employee is important and must be treated as such. When new employees are given the opportunity to operate, they may be very innovative and introduce positive changes that may result in the organization enjoying success.

An organization can plan as much as it wants, but executing those plans are more important. When the plans are executed properly and performances are reviewed with the aim of taking remedial actions, then the organization can head in the direction of success. Management must recognize that remedial action is meant to be corrective rather than punitive, and must be done in such a way that will not leave employees feeling alienated or demoralized.

Information systems have helped many organizations to be successful, as these can provide quick and cost-effective information that allows organizations to envisage opportunities that might not have been visible through the manual system.

Due to short-term obligations and the need to increase future cash inflows with the aim of maximizing shareholders’ wealth, organizations cannot survive without finance. When more finances become available, the organization may be able to make further investments and settle its liabilities.

When an organization has grown beyond its domestic space and resources, then it must expand beyond its borders, in order to remain successful. Every organization must develop its products after assessing the market’s needs in order to remain relevant amidst shifting market conditions. Some organizations have enjoyed successes, but those successes could have increased if the organization had kept the public informed. Organizations must keep the public informed using the various mediums at their disposal.

You can make your organization successful, by reading this literature.


Owning an organization can be challenging work with the possibility of failure always lurking on the horizon. Geary Reid’s passion for success has driven him to write this book filled with advice, guidance, and insights for larger organizations that are looking to see how they can succeed and stay successful by thorough examination of performance and establishing responsible objectives. By reading this book you will learn how to form strategies that will help your organization reach the goals you’ve set.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has always had a passion for success. He has seen the many problems and challenges that organizations face over the years while working for several different organizations. He knows that success does not come easily or quickly and that it requires the hard work of the owners and other stakeholders. Thus, he has decided to take his passion and turn it into something productive that will help those looking to turn their organizations around.

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