Let your Faith Arise

Activate your faith to start trusting in the Lord more today.

Why go through life with a static faith when you could be building it up?

Your faith isn’t meant to be inactive and stagnant. It needs to be built up and activated, manifesting itself in your everyday thoughts and deeds. 

Christians are called to have a living, active faith, trusting in the Lord to hear and respond to it.

In Reverend Geary’s Reid’s Let Faith Arise, you’ll find out how to activate your faith each day. 

You’ll learn how to pray in faith for the things you want and need, putting doubt behind you. You will even glean some practical tips for building up your faith, to become like the faith Hall of Famers in Hebrews 11.

Waiting on the Lord can be difficult, but faith helps us not to give up. Start cultivating and growing your faith today, and watch what the Lord will do!



Many persons talk about faith, but not all of them actually walk in faith. Today is a great day to let your faith arise. When you take your faith to another level, you will experience the power and presence of God like never before. The world is looking at believers to see if they are walking in the faith they often talk about, so be a great example and practice living in faith.

In this refreshing literature, you will be provided with a clear definition of faith and supporting information to reinforce your understanding of faith. The definition is broken down into separate words, and each word is further explained with examples.

The word “faith” is supported by some important words that are often used by believers. Separate chapters are dedicated to those words which are synonymous with faith, and you will see how faith connects to these words.

If you are going to activate your faith, then you must know the word of God for yourself. Listening to the word of God helps to boost your faith. Those who live in faith will see many blessings following their lives, because it is God’s intention to bless those who walk in faith.

Faith can change many things for those who believe in God. Hannah exercised her faith and God answered her prayer. King Hezekiah did not accept the first message from God that he would die soon, so he exercised his faith and prayed to God, and indeed God heard his prayer and increased his stay on the earth. Abraham had faith in God, and God counted his faith unto righteousness. 

Without faith, no one can please God. Therefore, get faith now so that you can please God. No amount of riches can save anyone, but they must have faith in God and believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who came to give them access to God’s kingdom.

If you want to move from the pavilion to the podium, then walk in faith. Your name can be mentioned among many great believers if you walk in faith. When you walk in faith, those things that once seemed impossible to you will become possible. Even if your faith is like a mustard seed, it can still move mountains. Continue to build up your faith as you worship God and pray in the Holy Ghost.

Your faith will require you to wait on God. Allow God to work through you at his own time, but do not change your expectation of God. Your faith in God will contribute to your prosperity.

Continue to hope in God, as he will be there for you. Do not stop trusting God, as he will come through for you. Be confident that God will make great things happen for those who walk according to his will. Never cease to pray, as your breakthrough is soon to come. Have faith in God and not in man. Let your faith arise today in God and be a blessing to many persons. 


No one wants to live in fear. Instead, we want to live in faith, believing that God can and will move mountains if we ask. We must not be double-minded, changing what we ask for or doubting whether God will answer us. 

Filled with practical wisdom for building up your faith, this book can be used for personal devotion and spiritual growth, for Bible studies, or at a Bible school. We all have a responsibility to grow our faith and not let it become stagnant. Start letting your faith arise today!

Author Bio

As Reverend Geary Reid has studied the Bible and prayed over the years, he has built up his faith. He has seen God answer his prayers about various situations and people in his life. He has led Bible studies and encouraged believers to have the kind of faith spoken about in Hebrews 11, hoping in an unseen God. He seeks to help others build up their faith, believing that God will listen to them and care for their needs. 

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