Lord, I Am Not Ready To Die

By developing a personal relationship with God, Christians can gain the strength to persevere through life’s challenges.

By developing a personal relationship with God, Christians can gain the strength to persevere through life’s challenges.

In Lord, I Am Not Ready to Die, Reverend Geary Reid discusses not only the power of prayer but also the ways in which Christians can use stories from the Bible to learn about the importance of persistence. Everyone has an innate desire to live; indeed, people will, despite great odds, often find the strength to overcome life’s difficulties. From where does this fortitude originate? Notably, God cares for all His people, and He wants them to live long, healthy lives. God is there for all who need Him, and through prayer, Christians can develop a more personal, intimate connection to God. As Reid notes, Christians must seek and build a relationship with God on their own, as only He has their future in His hands. 

Many of the stories in the Bible—such as those of King Hezekiah, Moses, King Jehoshaphat, and Naomi—focus on the importance of faith and determination. Christians should take the lessons from these stories and apply them to their own lives. With the knowledge contained in this book, Christians can learn how to pray more effectively, improve their relationship with God, and persevere through trying times.



Everyone wants to live, and they will try to do whatever is possible to stay alive. Some persons will eat nutritious meals or exercise regularly in order to live longer. However, no matter what humans do to try to live longer, it all depends upon how God will preserve their lives.

King Hezekiah was very sick: his sickness was unto death. God sent his son the prophet Isaiah to inform King Hezekiah that he would die. This was a serious warning from Isaiah to King Hezekiah. However, King Hezekiah did not argue with Isaiah but chose to talk to his God. Before Isaiah could leave the building, God asked Isaiah to return with another message to Hezekiah. This relationship with King Hezekiah was so great that God immediately answered the king’s prayer. Prophet Isaiah was obedient to the Lord, and he returned to Hezekiah with a different message. King Hezekiah was not ready to die, so he prayed unto God and told God of all the good things he had done. Whatever King Hezekiah said unto the Lord was pleasing to the Lord, and the Lord healed him and added fifteen more years to him.

The woman with the issue of blood was not ready to die. She had a health issue that caused her to spend all of her money seeking medical help. She was never healed by the physicians, but that did not stop her from pressing her way through the crowd to touch the border of Jesus’s garment. Immediately after she did this, she was made whole. She did not want to die but to live.

The children of Israel left Egypt, and their departure caused Pharaoh to become angry, as he did not want these slaves to leave his country. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, and he decided to follow the children of Israel. After seeing Pharaoh’s army following them, the children of Israel knew that they would die or be recaptured, so they told Moses of their frustration. God directed Moses to take the children of Israel through the sea, because God had a strategy to destroy Pharaoh’s army and let the children of Israel live. The battle was between God and Pharaoh’s army, and the Lord gave sweet victory to his children.

King Jehoshaphat was fearful that the armies approaching Judah would take their possessions and lives. However, he called a fast, and the children of Judah agreed to pray and fast. God directed the people of Judah on what to do, and the Lord destroyed the enemies of Judah. The lives of Jehoshaphat and the children of Judah were spared, and they received much wealth from their enemies because God fought the battle for them.

Naomi and her family went to Moab, but life became difficult for them. Her husband and sons died, and she chose to return to Bethlehem in Judah, not wanting to starve or die in Moab. When she returned to Bethlehem, the Lord was with her and blessed her. The Lord ensured that her needs were met, and she lived a long, healthy life, getting to see her grandson.

God wants to protect the lives of his children. He wants them to live long and have healthy lives, but they must seek him, since only he has their future in his hands.


Everyone has an innate desire to live; indeed, people will, despite great odds, often find the strength to make it through life’s most trying moments. Though diet and exercise can certainly help people live longer, healthier lives, a deep, personal connection to God can also inspire people to persevere through difficult times. How can Christians foster a more meaningful relationship with God? How can the stories of King Hezekiah, Moses, King Jehoshaphat, and Naomi remind Christians of the importance of determination? How can faith empower Christians to overcome challenges? In this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers answers to these questions—and many more. Notably, life itself is a precious commodity that must be protected. God wants His people to live meaningful lives, and at every step, He is there to guide them—if they request His help. By developing a personal relationship with God, Christians can gain the strength to persevere through life’s challenges.

Author Bio

Over the course of his career, Reverend Geary Reid has preached about the importance of prayer. Indeed, the story of King Hezekiah reminds us that through prayer, man builds a relationship with God, and in man’s time of need, God will bring him comfort. God will always be there to support those who believe in Him—as Reid has witnessed many times throughout his own life. Truly, in Reid’s estimation, all Christians should possess perseverance and faith. The road may seem long and treacherous at times, but it is always worth it to endure, as God wants His people to live long, fruitful lives.

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