Make Learning Your Best Friend

Discover how to educate yourself in every stage of life and overcome the limitations of ignorance.

Ignorance is never something to be proud of. With this book, Geary Reid offers a wealth of guidance for fellow students of life, discussing how you can educate yourself and make the process of learning and studying an exciting experience that will open doors for you. Discover how, through your independent studies and by learning from experts all around you, you can increase your knowledge and throw off the chains of ignorance.



Learning is a change in behaviour which comes about through the use of our native senses.

Learning is available to everyone in many different ways. However, some people see learning as a difficult thing. They may procrastinate about their learning and later regret the decision that they made. Those people who have a child may choose not to proceed with their passion for learning. Having a family must not restrict a person from following their passion for increasing their knowledge, but they must use different avenues to learn.

Learning can be costly, but some things can be learned which have no cost or can be done at a minimal cost. There are many opportunities available to learn, both formally and informally. People who learn through an informal approach are no less educated than those who learn through a formal approach.

When a person increases his or her knowledge, such a person may create opportunities for himself or herself and subsequently develop opportunities to increase employment, increase recognition, or receive scholarships and sponsorships. There is often an investment in learning, but the benefits may far outweigh that investment. People who increased their education many years ago are benefiting from it today, as organizations are utilizing their knowledge to make strategic and operational decisions so that the organization will be competitive. People who have increased their knowledge can become their own leaders (entrepreneurs). Not everyone may choose to work under the supervision of other people, but if they increase their education, they can establish their own businesses and employ other people.

Children involved in formal learning must make their parents proud and make maximum use of their parents’ investment in them. Learning can be very challenging, but those who have completed their studies often possess a sense of accomplishment, and their families benefit from their success.

Following up on news updates is an informal way of learning and a good source of information. Many people read newspapers, watch television, or follow news on the internet. People may attend panel discussions and, based upon the information shared at those sessions, become better-informed citizens.

When people go on vacation, they can make a careful choice of the places to attend since some areas provide rich sources of learning at no additional time and cost. Many historic sites provide information that will help people to make prudent decisions.

People must not neglect their bodies before, during, or after their studies. Much attention must be given to the entire body for those people who wish to learn and be successful at work. There must be a balance between work, study, and relaxation.

Some parents may need to lead by example with their learning so that their children will follow their example. There are many opportunities for children and parents to learn. Education must begin now and not tomorrow. Those people who choose to learn will give themselves a voice in society, and many other people will value their opinions and views.


To be ignorant is to put yourself at a disadvantage. A lifelong learner and believer in the transformative power of education, Geary Reid aims to help students of all ages realize the importance of learning and how it can improve your life. As your knowledge increases, more and more doors open for you, making independent learning one of the most effective ways to make progress in both your career and your personal development. Learn how diligent study will help you get ahead, and begin your journey of discovery now.

Author Bio

Geary Reid is no stranger to the wonders of learning. In addition to reading books, newspapers, and all kinds of other literature to keep his mind sharp, he seeks out meaningful discussions to learn as much as he can from others. Reid began a life of heavy study three decades ago and continues it to this day by diversifying his areas of learning. Being curious about many subjects, Reid finds joy in exploring new fields of study and finding more ways to help people in his personal and professional life.

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