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Follow the motivational guidance of corporate strategist Geary Reid to start, grow, and maintain a successful business. Starting your own business can be intimidating, and moving ahead without guidance is a sure road to failure. With a wealth of experience based on his role as a high-level decision maker in the business world, Geary Reid offers a wealth of knowledge and advice to help you build a successful business, from developing a business plan to executing a marketing strategy. With expert guidance from this book, you can begin achieving your goals today.



Owning a business is often linked to self-empowerment. For this reason, many writers these days speak and write about businesses. Some are more inclined toward academics, and as such, very few of their literatures are for entrepreneurs, who in most cases do not grasp some of the technical concepts but nevertheless established their business.This book was written to bridge the gap between the technical (academic) aspects of business and the practical side of business. It therefore explores the technical aspects of business, with the aid of several practical examples and diagrams to help with learning and progress in business. Many ancient and important sayings that you may have heard of are included in this literature to create a nexus between centuries and various cultures.This book can be used by sole traders and even multinational organizations. The three sections of this book enable a logical flow of information which will help grow your business or the business of your principal. The three sections are (1) initiating your business, (2) maintaining your business and (3) expanding your business. For academics, this book includes studies that will help with subjects such as strategic human resources management, operation management, leadership, management, marketing management, integrated marketing communication, communication, new product management, corporate governance and ethics, international business, strategic management, financial management, accounting, information systems, among others. Therefore, both the learned and unlearned will find interesting information in this book that will help with personal and organizational improvements.You will find that reading this book can be done at leisure at any stage of your career. Some of the challenging areas of your learning and understanding of life have been thoroughly answered in this literature. After carefully reading this literature and having a better understanding of life and businesses, you are now expected to share with others so that they will contribute toward the success of their organization. You will find significant motivational advice in this literature that will change your life for the better as you practice. This world can be a better place with knowledge, so learn and help others learn by reading this book and sharing its knowledge, knowing that you have made a positive impact in life with far-reaching benefits for centuries to come. It is said that knowledge is power; therefore, if you get knowledge, you will get power. Hence, others will listen and follow in your footsteps..


Starting your own business with no guidance or background knowledge is a frightening endeavor. Building on his years of experience in the corporate world, author and business strategist Geary Reid offers you this book filled with valuable information on starting, maintaining, and growing a thriving enterprise. Discover what decisions you will need to make, what information you must gather, and what challenges you may face. By applying this knowledge, you can walk a road full of success as you build and manage your business.

Author Bio

Geary Reid is no stranger to success and business management. Having worked for successful and failed organizations, he has acquired a wealth of corporate experience over the course of his career. He hates seeing organizations fail and hopes that in sharing his advice and guidance, he can help people build successful businesses.

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