Modeling Kingdom Culture

God’s kingdom is inside every believer and must be shared to bring God glory.

God’s kingdom is for every believer, serving as a sign and a light to the unsaved. Believers must tap into their God-given potential and live out God’s truths, forgiving as Christ has forgiven them, being kind to all people, and showing love and mercy.

Believers must take steps to learn God’s Word, thereby understanding and aligning themselves with his ways. They must avoid pitfalls and temptations, transcending cultural values to live for kingdom values instead. When believers start living the lives God intended for them, they demonstrate his authority and kingdom on earth.

Jesus preached and taught greatly about the kingdom because he wants all believers to embrace it. In this reflective guide, Reid offers Biblical and practical examples to encourage readers to live out God’s kingdom and demonstrate kingdom culture on earth.



When one reads about the kingdom of God, it must be known that it is more than a physical place. The kingdom of God operates in the lives of everyone who accepts Jesus Christ. God intends that all believers will model him, as they demonstrate his kingdom wherever they go. The kingdom of God can also be referred to as God’s kingdom, the kingdom of light, the kingdom of heaven, and the everlasting kingdom.

This literature is divided into three sections. The first section provides readers with an understanding of kingdoms, cultures, and authority. There are many cultures, but in this literature, greater emphasis is placed on the kingdom of God and his culture, which is different from the culture of the world. The unsaved are looking for light, and if the believers can present the light of God to them, then they may follow the same Lord as the believers do.

Adam was provided with authority to operate on the earth; however, he sinned. Adam’s sin caused mankind to be separated from God, but Jesus, the King, came to reconcile man unto God. The adversary is constantly seeking to distract believers, so every believer must wear the kingdom apparel to prevent spiritual attacks from the adversary. When a person is saved, they are expected to be an example to the world. They must not hide from the world, since believers are the salt of the earth and light to the world.

There are several essential things that believers must do, which are captured in section two of this literature. One of these essential things is forgiveness to everyone. When believers demonstrate kindness, they are demonstrating the attribute that will cause unsaved persons to follow their example. Those who exercise faith allow God to perform miracles in and through their lives.

Giving must be more than money. Believers must give praise and thanks regularly to the God of their salvation, which is emphasized by the psalmist King David. Worshipping God in the good and bad times is essential for all believers, as exemplified in Job 2:10 and Job 13:15. The study of God’s Word helps to strengthen believers’ understanding of God and his promises. Teamwork is expected of every believer. Each believer must be accountable to someone, and they must operate in a team to defeat the works of the adversary and to obtain victory in many areas.

There are some things that believers must avoid, which are the focus of section three of this literature. Ethnicity is often the root of conflicts in many countries, but believers must not contribute to ethnic division, since Christ sees everyone as one. Kingdom culture must not only be spoken of, but demonstrated through the lives of every believer.


The kingdom of God is inside every believer who has accepted Jesus Christ. God wants believers to show his kingdom off to the world by imitating and modeling his ways. To do this, believers must understand God’s kingdom and his rule, as well as how he has made his children rulers. When believers grow in their knowledge and their ability to show the kingdom to others, they glorify God and serve as lights to unbelievers.

Author Bio

Since being called to serve the Lord in 1986, Geary Reid has sought to help equip the body of Christ and assist people in reaching their God-given potential. Reverend Reid was asked to preach at World Vision NTCOG on the theme of modeling kingdom culture. As he prepared his sermons, he decided to provide a book to help believers embrace kingdom culture. Reverend Reid hopes this book can be used in Bible studies, prayer meetings, and weekend services.

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