Parenting: Not an Easy Job

Geary Reid reveals the inside secrets of parenting that will help you care for your child from infancy and beyond.

Being a parent requires difficult choices and personal sacrifices. The rewards of raising a child well are innumerable, but how do new parents navigate a minefield of uncertainty? Geary Reid eases the burden, providing this simple guidebook complete with plenty of tried and tested advice that will help you learn how best to care for your child. Discover what it takes to be a successful mother or father and help your child lead a healthy, productive life.




Many believe that parenting is an easy job. That myth is not valid – it is a real struggle. There is always a moment of truth when the reality becomes apparent.

This book was written to provide a clearer understanding of what parenting involves, such as the dos, don’ts, struggles, sacrifices, choices, etc., starting from the stage of being single. Each parent will have to devise their own strategy when dealing with their family and as such develop their own manual. Every family will not be able to use an identical manual, since every family is unique in its own way. They will have to establish a manual that works for them, as each child is different, and so is each parent.

This book can be used as a bridge between academic and practical information regarding parenting. It provides many daily examples in a simple and practical manner. Many illustrations will be provided for the readers so that they can get a quick and better understanding of the many aspects of parenting. You will not have to attend a university to understand parenting – this book provides many of the practical insights needed in the simplest manner.

Many parents have not shared with their children the processes, challenges and successes they have as parents. When a person chooses to become a parent, they cannot stop being a parent. To be a parent is a blessing and an honor. Many people will try to become parents, but not all will achieve it.

This book has been carefully divided into four sections to give you a better understanding of the many aspects of parenting. You are expected to be a changed person, whether you are a parent or contemplating becoming one.

Many persons have become parents but lack a basic understanding of some of their main roles. Children and young adults sometimes see parenting as an easy task and are of the view that everyone can become a parent. Some persons are unable to appreciate the work and value of a parent. In the minds of some people, Father’s and Mother’s Day should only come once per year. However, when you read this book, you should have a change of heart, and many of you will begin to celebrate your parents more often, probably daily.

While you may be young at heart, you will not remain in that state forever, so try to do your best at all times! Be your children’s role model. If they see you doing good, such as taking care of your parents, they may do the same for you when you become older. Teach your children to respect people and things, and they may have many good days ahead of them.

Parenting may be challenging at the beginning, but it may be a rewarding career, especially when your children make you proud by achieving great successes because of what you have taught them. Children learn from their parents, so instill good values in them and watch them impact the lives of many others.


Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and most difficult tasks, requiring plenty of hard choices and some personal sacrifice. A father of two children himself, author Geary Reid understands this and seeks to help ease the uncertainty of parenthood through his new book, filled with a wealth of advice and guidelines. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to become a loving and excellent parent to your child.

Author Bio

Father of two Geary Reid is no stranger to the difficulties and rewards of raising kids. He and his wife have faced many challenges, sacrificed much, and made difficult personal choices—but they’ve also found success by using a parenting style stemming from lessons they learned from their own parents, colleagues, and friends. Together, Reid and his wife have assisted families and helped guide children toward finding their own potential and making the best of their unique knowledge and skills.

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