Remaining Calm in Troubling Times

We all have problems, but not all of us have the right solutions.

At times, you may need outside help to face your obstacles. In Remaining Calm in Troubling Times, Geary Reid discusses common problems in the workplace, at home, in religious institutions, and in relationships. With clear, practical advice and conventional wisdom, he delivers sound answers to the problems and conflicts we all face.

Some of the issues Reid discusses include getting to work on time, getting all the housework done, and maintaining a positive attitude when things get tough. He provides peaceful ways to navigate or avoid these problems and remain calm while doing so.

Too often we continue in patterns that have given rise to the challenges we face, but sometimes we can take proactive measures to avoid getting into these negative situations. The more you can reach solutions for the problems that plague you, the easier you will find it to remain calm in difficult situations.



Problems are everywhere! No one can avoid all the problems that will cross their path.

When problems come, some persons lose their calm. Not everyone is able to remain calm when others try to hurt them. It appears to some persons that even when they seek to do well, troubles will still find them. Since no one can avoid all problems, then persons must find coping skills and remain calm, as some troubles will be over very soon. But if problems are ever-present, what must persons do to become victorious? This literature provides many solutions for how you can remain calm and have regular victories.

This literature is divided into five sections looking at the problems that persons face in different areas of their lives, and it also provides solutions to many of these problems.

Working persons face many problems. Sometimes, they even wish that they were not working, since they constantly have problems to address. Problems among employees can come from other coworkers or even supervisors. When some supervisors are having troubled days, they may unconsciously do things that cause other employees to be hurt. Some employees may hate a coworker and do things to cause them to fail. Nevertheless, with workplace problems, employees have to remain calm. If they choose not to remain calm, they may eventually have to look for other employers.

Not everyone owns their transportation. Those who have to travel on public transportation sometimes have to find ways to remain calm, as some passengers and drivers may do worrying things. If persons want to avoid traffic congestion, then they must leave their homes early to avoid problems with the traffic.

Every family has its issues. Some persons will do things to their family members that will cause them to become uncomfortable. If everyone tries to contribute positively within the family, then they can ease some of the tensions that family members go through.

Religious institutions are not free from problems. These problems are often created by people. However, some religious persons will seek to have peace with each other. Some followers may choose to pray so that peace will fill the hearts of everyone.

If many persons entertain positive thoughts, then they will leave little room for evil thoughts. Exercising can be another way of easing tension. Those who want to exercise can use some simple options and get great victories while releasing toxins from their systems. Building relationships is something that everyone must do, and those who are open to suggestions may find solutions to their problems.


Whether you face problems in the workplace, at home, in a religious institution, in your relationships, or in finances, you need one thing: strategies to help you regain your peace of mind. In this book, Reid guides you to solutions for the problems you face, helping you achieve your goals and avoid stressful situations by being proactive. We all need a little help, but with the right attitude, positive connections, and intentionality to remain calm, you can overcome your daily obstacles and live a more stress-free life.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid experienced troubling times early in life and had to learn how to avoid or cope with them. He often assesses situations and looks for peaceful solutions before a problem arises. As a religious leader, parent, and employer and employee in the public and private sectors, he is familiar with helping others find solutions to their problems and calm down when faced with conflict. He has learned from others how to remain calm, and he seeks to share what he has learned in this book.

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