Rescuing a Dying Organization

Save your organization from going under with advice from business management expert Geary Reid.

Seeing your organization falter can be terrifying. You may feel helpless and powerless as you watch all you have worked for start to come undone. With experience stemming from years of corporate leadership, Geary Reid offers this book of expert advice to assure you that it is possible to stop the death of your organization. With the help of straightforward comparisons, Reid illustrates the exact steps leaders must take to bring a business or organization back from the brink and ensure its ongoing survival.



A dying organization is not a dead organization! It is a sign indicating that death is near. However, many organizations showing signs of death can be rescued.

Often, medication is needed. In this case, it needs someone who has the skills to implement the rescue operation.

Checking for a pulse is an important initial stage in rescuing an organization. When the organization is about to die, a quick rescue operation is needed, and a mature medical practitioner will look for a pulse first.

Most organizations have vital organs. These organs must be protected so that the organization can stay alive. If the problem is not detected, then the organization can fall into the same situation again and again and then probably die.

This book is divided into three sections, which intends to highlight the stages:

  • At Death’s Door
  • Learning from the Past
  • Fully Recovered

Not everyone is able to learn from the past, but those who do can have great gains for the future. Organizations should never be satisfied with failure but should constantly strive for success. Success is not always easy to achieve. It must be carefully planned, and with dedication, the results will be positive.

Many organizations may experience downtimes, but that must not be their permanent state. An organization must never accept failure as a norm but must work toward success. When an organization becomes successful, it may have a positive impact on the entire community and nation as a whole. Organizations must find ways to improve. An organization may not always be able to generate additional revenues, but monitoring costs is important for its success.

Making your products and services known to the public should be part of your marketing plan to help your organization stay alive. Some of the gains of an organization must be kept for later days. Savings and investments are important for keeping extra funds and possibly generating some additional revenues.

With a visionary captain, an organization has a higher potential for success than another organization within the same sector. The visionary captain can see a brighter future while others only see failure. The steady head and eyes of a visionary captain will help an organization make a mark in society.

Success is possible for all organizations. Go for success and avoid failure.


 Seeing your organization in trouble can be truly worrying—but trouble does not need to mean the end. Having observed and read about several organizations that died over the course of his career, experienced corporate leader Geary Reid knows many things that must be used to bring back an organization from the brink of death. Comparing organizations to the human body, Reid discusses the decisions business leaders must make to identify and solve pressing problems, providing figures and tables to clearly illustrate the rescue process. With this expert guidance, you can learn how to save your organization before it goes under.

Author Bio

With decades of experience in high-level business decision-making, author Geary Reid is no stranger to the ins and outs of organizational development. However, he knows that few businesses are willing to share the secrets of their success and potentially help the competition. With this book, he offers information that will help leaders make the types of massive changes needed to revive their organizations, save jobs, and ensure success for the future.

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