The Church’s Impact in Society

The Church’s Impact in Society is an essential resource for those in the church and the wider community today.

The church plays a foundational role in building a better society, offering Biblical and moral education to its congregants, who then become independent, law-abiding citizens, approaching their work and home lives with ethical standards. Geary Reid argues that the church can provide other types of assistance, as well, including helping people find good marriages, educating them about health concerns and politics, and providing vocational training. Additionally, the church provides counseling services for people within and outside the faith. It can be a place for hope, healing, grieving, and rejoicing. Reid believes the church’s role in society is important, and it should try to fulfill that role to the best of its ability.



Many governments, politicians, and leaders in society see the church as a group of persons who are only awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. Others see the church as a place where believers go to make noise unto a powerless god. For centuries, the church has come under attack from many persons who do not know about or understand its importance and impact in society. This refreshing literature will provide guidance and clarity about this matter. It is also expected that those who read this literature will make a calculated decision to follow the Creator and experience the Kingdom of God as part of everyday life and governance.

This literature is divided into ten major sections, to help persons to understand several important and impactful things about the church. Appropriate scriptures and other academic literature are used to reinforce and enhance readers’ understanding of the church in society.

Many persons join churches because they have seen and heard the power of the Creator. They continue to seek his guidance in everything they do, with the knowledge that world leaders do not have the answers to all of the problems nations and their economies face. What human beings are unable to do, they must rest assured that the Creator can do that and even more. No mountain is too big for him to move, and he can deliver a country and its people without any human intervention.

The church is not just a ministry that takes care of people from the cradle to the grave, but also one that prays for persons before their birth and provides them with guidance for resurrection. The church provides opportunities for many persons to develop. Besides salvation, persons can find their purpose in life through their association with the Creator. The church also represents God’s presence and voice in the earth.

There are many learning opportunities throughout the church. Some churches have schools, which meet the need for theology and academic learning. Some of the learning opportunities are for the whole family and the entire community. Persons sometimes find their companion within the church. They can receive counseling from church leaders and may marry at the same church. The entire family may be raised in the church and participate in the work of the Lord at the church.

The church will always remain an establishment where persons’ spiritual needs are met. There is divine power and spiritual gifts available to everyone to make their work for the Lord simple. When societies need leaders, they should not look too far, as churches have developed many great leaders. If a country needs a strong defense against physical and spiritual attacks, then they must embrace the church for help. Stewardship is something often taught and practiced by believers, as they are trained to adhere to corporate governance.


In The Church’s Impact in Society, Geary Reid explores how the church can and should work toward bettering the community, arguing that those outside the church must still recognize its vital role. Churches educate their members about the Bible and provide moral guidance on a number of other subjects, such as stewardship, money management, health concerns, and politics. By teaching congregants about how to maintain a healthy marriage and raise children with moral instruction, for example, the church helps reduce crime. By encouraging families to be financially stable and independent, the church lessens the economic strain on the government. Ultimately, the church performs essential social, moral, and economic functions in society, which should be encouraged.

Author Bio

Sharing from a lifetime of Christian service, Geary Reid aims to bridge the gap between the church and society. Through his writing, he uses his academic background and experience to help believers understand how they can enrich their communities. Reid also wants those outside the faith to appreciate the positive impact of the church, as it offers important spiritual, educational, and practical resources.

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