The Roles of the Christian Husband

By understanding and embracing their role in a marriage, Christian husbands can become better spiritual leaders, partners, and fathers.

By understanding and embracing their role in a marriage, Christian husbands can become better spiritual leaders, partners, and fathers.

In The Roles of the Christian Husband, Reverend Geary Reid discusses not only the qualities a good Christian husband should possess but also the ways in which a husband can best serve his family, the value of clear communication in the family unit, and the importance of romance between a husband and his wife. As the primary leader and provider of his family, a Christian husband must be resilient, dedicated, and practical. Though society teaches Christian women how to prepare themselves for marriage, Christian men often struggle to adapt to life as a new husband—particularly because they are not given much, if any, guidance. To remedy this, Reid emphasizes the important roles a Christian husband should fulfill; most notably, he must lead, motivate, support, advise, communicate with, and provide for his family. Additionally, to have a successful marriage, a Christian husband must cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with his wife, as she is his life partner. 

Indeed, a Christian husband is the protector of his household. He is the one who will make decisions for the betterment of his family, shield his family from financial ruin and physical danger, and support and love his wife. With the knowledge contained in this book, Christian husbands can become the spiritual and moral leaders of their families.



God desires for Christian husbands to be great examples to many men and women. However, many persons have misunderstood the roles of the Christian husband. Even some Christian husbands are not aware of what their roles are, and sadly, they look to their wives for guidance to identify their roles.

This literature is carefully divided into three critical sections. The first section distinguishes a man from a husband, as the role of a husband is different from the role of a man. The basic qualities of a husband are also discussed here.

Within the second section, the focus is on the husband’s roles. These roles are numerous, and many persons often underestimate them. First, husbands must know that they are leaders. When a husband lives up to that role, everyone in his family will be moving in the same direction as they follow his leadership. Besides being leaders, husbands are also motivators and supporters to their wives. Many wives go through challenges, and they often look to their husbands for motivation and support. The Bible speaks about romance and sex, but many believers do not like to read what it says about these important areas of family life; this literature will show the importance of understanding and following what the Bible says about these matters. Finally, husbands are protectors and providers. The needs of the family are often met through the husband’s contributions. Husbands are also expected to protect their wives, their children, and the family’s possessions.

While wives are often known for communication, men must learn to be good communicators as well. Husbands may not like to talk much, but they can be good listeners and engage in non-verbal communication. When the family needs ideas, husbands ought to provide long-term plans for the family’s success. Some of these long-term plans will require the husband’s financial contributions, especially in homes where the husband is the primary or sole provider. Additionally, more Christian husbands must set aside time for family devotions.

When husbands are involved in domestic activities, they allow their wives to have some time to rest, and some wives will even boast that their husbands are great chefs and know how to keep the house clean. Many Christian wives appreciate the support of their husbands in assisting with domestic activities so that they can spend more time doing the work of the Lord. Raising children is not a responsibility left to mothers alone, but something that fathers must also do. 

The Bible reminds husbands to deal with their wives according to knowledge. Therefore, husbands must love their wives and study them. When husbands respect their wives at home and in public places, their marriages will be more comfortable. Husbands must help their wives to be healthy and stay in shape, and they must also celebrate their wives’ godly qualities.

The third section challenges Christian wives to celebrate their husbands as well. It is not easy to perform many of the roles of the Christian husband, and many husbands continuously make sacrifices. Therefore, their efforts and contributions must be acknowledged and celebrated. Wives must not hold back in celebrating their husbands, as they must not allow anyone else to do what they must do.


While most Christian women understand what it means to be a wife, many Christian men are unaware of what being a husband truly entails. How does being a husband differ from being a man? What are a husband’s primary roles and responsibilities? How does a husband cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with his wife? In this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers answers to these questions—and many more. Ideally, in a marriage, each spouse should fulfill a different yet complementary role. The husband, for instance, should protect, support, and provide for his family. At its core, a marriage is a union, and both partners must actively work to uphold it. By understanding and embracing their role in a marriage, Christian husbands can become better partners, spiritual leaders, and fathers.

Author Bio

Over the course of his career, Reverend Geary Reid has realized that while there is a plethora of information on how to be a good Christian wife, there is significantly less information on how to be a good Christian husband. For over twenty years, Reid has been happily married to his wife, Patricia Providence-Reid; thus, he knows very well how to lead, protect, and provide for a family. Moreover, Reid understands how to cultivate a healthy, respectful marriage, wherein both the husband and wife fulfill their separate yet complementary roles and come together to support their family. By sharing his valuable insights and firsthand experience, Reid hopes to educate Christian men about their role in a marriage and give them the tools they need to build a happy, loving family unit.

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