The Roles of the Husband

Being a good husband means knowing and being there for your wife.

Being a good husband takes practice and commitment.

Today, husbands need to remember the commitment they made when they got married and to fulfill the roles that will protect and grow their marriage. Husbands must love, respect, and be gentle with their wives.

Husbands must learn responsibility and lead their wives with strength, planning, and intelligence. They must tend to their marriages, letting go of some of the activities they enjoyed when they were single and intentionally spending time with their wives.

A husband should be willing to take on challenges, loving his own family and his wife’s family, demonstrating trustworthiness, being a role model, and accepting his wife with her faults. He can motivate his family and lift his wife’s spirits.

Husbands have many roles to fill, and when they do this, they will be respected and happy in their marriages. 



Many persons have misunderstood the roles of the husband. Even some husbands are not aware of what their roles are, and sadly, they look to their wives for guidance to identify their roles.

This literature is carefully divided into three critical and sequential sections. The first section distinguishes a man and a husband, as the role of a husband is different from the role of a man. The basic qualities of a husband are also discussed in the first section.

Within the second section, the focus is on the husband’s roles. These roles are numerous, and many persons often underestimate them. First, husbands must know that they are leaders. When they live up to that role, their families will be moving in the same direction. Besides being a leader, husbands are motivators and supporters to their wives. Many wives go through challenges and often look for motivation and support from their husbands. Finally, husbands are protectors and providers. The needs of the family are often met through the contributions of husbands. Husbands are also expected to protect their wives, their children, and the family’s possessions.

While wives are often known for communication, husbands must learn to be good communicators as well. Husbands may not like to talk much, but they can be good listeners and engage in non-verbal communication. When the family needs ideas, husbands ought to provide long-term plans for the family’s success. Some of these long-term plans will require the financial contributions of the husband. In some homes, the husband may be the primary or sole provider. 

When husbands are involved in domestic activities, they allow their wives to have some time to rest, and some wives will even boast that their husbands are great chefs and know how to keep the house clean. Raising children is not a responsibility left to mothers alone, but something that fathers must also do. When fathers are there for their children, they will recognize that they can connect more with them now and in their old age.

Husbands must love their wives and study them. They will not understand everything about their wives, but they must know certain things that make her happy or sad. When husbands respect their wives at home and in public places, their marriages will be more comfortable. Husbands should help their wives to be healthy and stay in shape. Celebrate your partner as often as possible, since she is your wife.

The third section challenges wives to also celebrate their husbands. It is not easy to perform many of the roles of husbands, and many husbands continuously make sacrifices. Therefore, their efforts and contributions must be acknowledged and celebrated. Wives must not hold back in celebrating their husbands, as they must not allow anyone else to do what they must do.  


When a man becomes a husband, he needs to accept the roles and responsibilities that go along with it. He needs to become a student of his wife: learning about, caring for, and protecting her. Husbands need to learn how to lead their wives and families, how to communicate well, and how to plan their lives carefully so that they can spend time with their wives. A husband can be his wife’s motivator and best support, becoming a capable and loving companion. As a husband performs his roles well, his wife will learn to respect, trust, and love him, showing appreciation for his efforts.

Author Bio

Based on a virtual presentation the author was asked to give, The Roles of the Husband is a culmination of the wisdom Geary Reid has learned over more than two decades of marriage. He has thought critically about the qualities he saw his father and other good men demonstrate in loving and caring for their wives and has consulted research to confirm his intuitions. He provides practical insights he hopes will empower men to be effective husbands, something he is constantly working on himself.

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