Training Daughters to Become Responsible Mothers

Every society and family could benefit from more responsible mothers.

Raising girls amid modern society’s conflicting messages and values is not easy. As a parent, you need to be intentional and strategic if you want to raise your daughter to be a powerful, influential, and responsible mother.

Author Geary Reid explores how to nurture daughters to become strong women by shaping their education, moral instruction, and life skills. Training your daughter early, in a respectful and safe family atmosphere while she is still at home, allows you as a parent to share with her the wisdom you’ve gained over the years.

This book is written by a father who has put the advice he gives into practice. While Reid and his wife have found a parenting style that helps them pass on their values and empower their daughter to achieve, he understands that some mothers have never been trained to handle finances, to do housework, to balance work and family, or to have many other important skills. In parenting with his wife and in interacting with other families, Reid recognizes the importance of training women so they are prepared for motherhood.




Girls will not remain girls forevermore, but becoming a mother is not something that happens overnight. To become a responsible mother, there are many things that girls must go through, and not all of these things are taught at a formal learning institution. Some young women have questions, but they are not sure whom to address these questions to, for fear of condemnation. There are many women, but few responsible mothers. Being a responsible mother entails more than just being born with female reproductive organs.

Many men are looking to establish relationships with responsible women, who will then become responsible mothers. This means that the women they eventually marry need to know certain things, which they should have learned at home before entering into relationships. Therefore, every parent has a responsibility to train their daughters at an early age, so that when those daughters start a relationship, they have fewer conflicts and an easier time growing their families.

Education is not only for boys. Girls must also see education as an important resource to have. Parents have to ensure that their daughters are also educated so that they will help their husbands and their children to increase their knowledge. Traditional education is as important to girls as sports and games.

Girls must be taught to respect their parents. They may not always agree with their parents, but they must always be respectful to them. Children must not be made to think that only boys must have a relationship with the Creator; girls must also be taught to establish a relationship with the Creator.

The best place to instill moral values in children is within the home. Parents must be willing to teach girls about sexual education and should not leave that responsibility to their teachers or peers, as parents may be better informed about family planning and romance. When girls are grown and become women, they must know that they have to seek employment to have the financial resources they need, but once their children are grown and can work, then they can lend some support to their parents if they are not working at that time.

When women are involved in domestic activities, they ease some of the workload from their companions. Men who are looking for women to marry may give higher consideration to those women who can engage in domestic activities.

While it is seen in many societies that men are protectors and providers for their immediate families, women are also capable of providing similar support for their families. As mothers discipline their children, they must be firm, but gentle, as they teach lessons and build relationships. Mothers must train their offspring to be respectful of everyone.


Parents must step up and intentionally teach their daughters values, morals, and skills to prepare them for motherhood. Offering helpful strategies to encourage daughters to learn, grow, and develop in positive ways, Geary Reid illustrates how girls can be nurtured and given opportunities. As a parent, he speaks to the importance of having an open and healthy dialogue with your daughter to prepare her for motherhood when the time comes. A mother has many roles, including working for income, working in the home, and caring for her children and husband. Through this book, Reid equips parents to train their daughters for these responsibilities.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid shares from his experience as a husband and father, incorporating the wisdom his parents shared with him. Many girls struggle as new wives and mothers, and Reid wants parents to step up and train their daughters while they are young. Having learned about responsible motherhood from his wife and from discussing women’s issues with his sister, he continues to learn from the women he interacts with, integrating his knowledge with theirs to teach parents how to raise girls to be responsible mothers.

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