Training Sons to Become Responsible Fathers

The world needs more responsible fathers. In this guide, Geary Reid discusses how giving boys the proper tools and training can set them up for success.

Parents must train their sons to be responsible and independent from the time they are young. To ensure a boy will become a caring adult as well as a good husband and father, parents must instill moral values in him and help him to establish a relationship with his Creator. This comprehensive guide to mentoring and raising a son discusses how parents can impart lessons in every area, including sexual education, family planning, romance, finances, the division of domestic duties, education, and employment. In modelling how to be a protector and provider, how to respect and listen to others, and how to help others build confidence and feel valued, parents can train their sons to be responsible, caring, and wise fathers.




Boys will not remain as boys forevermore. Therefore, someone must hold their hands and guide them. Being a parent is not an easy job, but parents have a responsibility to train their boys to become men and then responsible fathers. There are many men, but few responsible fathers. Being a responsible father is more than just being born with male reproductive organs.

Women may think that they are courting a man, but as the relationship progressives, some of them realize that they have a big boy on their hands. While wives will make attempts to train men to become responsible fathers, the task may be great, since they also have to spend time training their offspring. Therefore, every parent has a responsibility to train their sons at an early age, so that when those sons start a relationship, they have fewer conflicts and more time to grow their families.

Education is not only for girls. Boys must also see education as an important resource to have. Parents have to ensure that their sons are also educated so that they will help their wives and their children to increase their knowledge. Just as education is important for boys, sports and games are also important for them.

Boys must be taught to respect their parents. They may not always agree with their parents, but they must always be respectful to them. Children must not be made to think that only girls must have a relationship with the Creator; boys must also be taught to establish a relationship with the Creator.

The best place to instill moral values in children is within the home. Parents must be willing to teach boys about sexual education and should not leave that responsibility to their teachers. Parents may be better informed on how to educate their children about family planning and romance.

When boys are grown and become men, they must know that they have to seek employment in order to have all of the financial resources needed, but once their children are old enough to work, then they can lend some support to their parents if they are not working at that time.

Men must not see domestic activities as things that women alone must do. When men are involved in domestic activities, they ease some of the workload from their wives. Women are looking for men to marry, and those men who can engage in domestic activities may be given higher consideration.

Men who have found a wife must first be a father to their wife, then to their children. Fathers must be protectors and providers for their immediate families. As fathers discipline their children, they must be firm, but gentle, as they teach lessons and build relationships. Fathers must train their offspring to be respectful of everyone.


Parents have a duty to train their sons to become responsible fathers. In this thoughtful exploration of fatherhood, author Geary Reid discusses how parents must teach and model moral values for their sons, such as healthy ways of thinking about sex and family planning, romancing and caring for their wives, and disciplining and providing for their children, as well as building a strong relationship with the Creator. When sons see these values in practice, they will take them to heart. The process of training boys to become good husbands and fathers starts at home, and parents can positively impact their sons’ future success in these areas with the information provided in this guide.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has gained wisdom from important lessons his parents passed on to him as well as from his experience as a father. Together with his wife, Patricia Providence-Reid, he has learned how to provide for and teach their two children, John Isaiah Reid and Ariel Sarah Reid. Reid often discusses family matters with his father and father-in-law, but too many men do not have that kind of support, having never received good moral and life training from their parents. With this book, Reid hopes to educate parents so the cycle of misinformation can be broken, encouraging them to teach their sons to become responsible fathers.

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