Winning your Battle against Suicide

Before you lose hope or consider taking your life, read this book.

Everyone has problems, and life can be difficult sometimes. Your problems may seem overwhelming right now. In Winning Your Battle Against Suicide, Geary Reid provides concrete methods to help you identify and face your problems, encouraging you to isolate those problems that cause you to become depressed or suicidal. These might be problems with your relationships, your work, your home, or your community. You may be in an abusive or financially desperate situation. Whatever the case, there is always hope, and Reid suggests practical, healthy ways of coping with life’s difficulties. After you recover from the depression that may accompany your problems, you can rejoice and be thankful for what you have. This book will help you recover and empower others to deal with their problems, too.



Suicide takes life, but today you will win the battle against suicide! Make suicide your enemy.

If you have lost hope or are contemplating suicide, this book urges you not to give up. It is divided into three important sections. It first acknowledges many of the problems that persons face, then provides hope in the second section. Finally, it encourages persons to rejoice, as they have stayed alive and must be considered winners.

You will not find scientific evidence in this book on how to win your battle against suicide. However, you will find many practical things that you can use to win this important battle. You do not have to be an expert to take control of your thoughts. Listen to some motivational songs, and you can probably sing and dance. Find ways to enjoy life. Avoid being depressed. Through this book, you will see that you have many simple ways to stay alive.

Do you know that everyone has problems? Your problems may appear to be like a mountain, but it may be a pebble compared to the problems that other persons face. Do not give up on your dreams. If you can stay alive today, then you can stay alive for tomorrow. Some of your problems have nothing to do with you. Problems can develop as a result of people around us, so it may not be that you have done anything wrong. Even if you did not provide an invitation, problems will still visit you, whether you are poor or rich.

Overcoming problems will require a variety of approaches. Some problems may be overcome using simple things, but others require many complex things to be overcome. If a person is willing to seek help, then they will overcome their problems. Those who do not overcome their problems will soon be overcome by them.

Once you have overcome your problems, congratulations, you are a winner. Be thankful for all those who supported you. Let them know how much you appreciated their support during your time of trouble.

Go to help other persons to overcome their suicidal thoughts. Share with them some of your experiences of how you won this battle against suicide. Everyone is important, so do not let anyone lose their life to suicide. Pray for them and encourage them to make good decisions. There are many good things ahead for the living. Suicide must be viewed as a person’s enemy and not their friend. While we face many problems in life, it is better to stay alive than to be dead, as those who are alive have the power to make a positive difference in this world.


Winning Your Battle Against Suicide helps readers identify and cope with the problems they face. Author Geary Reid knows from experience that life can be difficult, as most of us carry hurt from our childhoods, from relationships, or from serious obstacles at work. Whether you’re facing personal, professional, or familial problems, you must share them rather than letting them grow until they become so overwhelming that you think about taking your own life. In this easy-to-read guide, Reid presents coping strategies and ways forward for those who are feeling down. He also encourages those who have successfully overcome their problems to share their stories with others, just as he is doing.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has compassion for those who have contemplated taking their lives. To empower them to overcome their problems and know that they are not alone, he wrote this book. Though he has faced many problems, Reid never gave up and now says an enthusiastic yes to life. He has shared his problems with loved ones and gotten help when he needed to, and he hopes that through this book, he will empower others to do the same.

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