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People must work hard and smart if they want to become successful.

Everyone is likely to achieve success if they know what they have and work towards achieving those things that they will like to have.
Geary Reid

Academics and Work

Honestly, diligence and efficiency must accompany persons who work, even if they work for themselves or other persons. Work can be challenging yet enjoyable for some persons.


Writing has been the author’s passion since his days at school. He has written several procedures for organisations that helped to enhance and bolster the internal controls of several business organizations and improvement in business operations. During his working years, the author has worked with junior and senior staff, owners, directors and many stakeholders. He is never afraid of challenges, as it provides opportunities for creativity. Many employees were trained by him and he also seeks to be trained, so that his knowledge base will become significantly larger.


With over 25 years of progressive working experience in Retail, Education, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Manufacturing, Insurance and Motor Industries, he has gained a wealth of experience, successfully managing employees and business process with companies that employ staff ranging from 20 to 17,000. He has experience in operating within fast paced environments,  and was able to provide a strategic document that has increased revenue by 20% within his first year of employment, also reduce the number of days to produce a report from 31 days to now only 1 day within the first few months of his employment. He has many other significant accomplishments.


In the modern environment, where there is a need for adherence to Corporate Governance, Leadership, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Operation Management, Marketing and Information Systems, he provided support in those areas, within several organizations. To help support his ability to operate at the highest level within organisations, he has improved his qualifications, which includes MBA, ACCA member, Master Project Manager (MPM), Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management (FAAPM), and many more. These wide ranges of qualifications have equipped him with the ability and knowledge to assist many organizations to become successful and improve in their profit growth.

Family and Social Life

Everyone needs a social life and a family to support them. Geary Reid wife’s; Claudette Patricia Providence-Reid, son; John Isaiah Reid and daughter; Ariel Sarah Reid. The author’s family has provided much comfort that he needs before he leaves home to attend work, study, meetings or religious activities. He also connects with his extended families on a regular basis, so that he can learn from them and also to share any advice that they may need. On weekends, he will visit his father and father-in-law, to spend quality leisure time with them, enjoy hearty laughs and gain whatever wisdom that will become available for that day.


As a married man for almost two decades, at the time of publishing these books, he makes it his duty to meet the needs of his family and to provide support, since he knows that fatherhood and husband duties continue every minute of the day. The tasks that he has to perform cause him to interact with persons from different walks of life, including various religions and persons with different levels of academic achievements. The author sees everyone as important and knows that they have an important role to play on this earth.


At his place of employment and within the religious groups, he provides mentorship for many persons, ranging from children to adults. Shopping in the markets and supermarket is something he enjoys, as he also engages in preparing balanced meals for his love ones.


Listening to Christian songs, reading daily newspapers, listening to news on the television and watching sports are some of his favourite hobbies. Taking regular walks is something he does to keep himself fit. Interacting with neighbours and the travelling public at times convenient, are other things that allow him to interact with many persons who he does not see daily.


Serving the Lord is an important activity for this author as he has rendered several years of teaching Sunday school to both children and adults. This has enhanced his knowledge and growth in God.


Geary Reid was called by the Lord in 1986 and was baptized on 14th March 1989. After going through a rigorous training, by two senior pastors, he was then baptized. He has occupied many roles within various religious groups since those early years. Some of these roles include Church Clerk (treasurer), President of Men’s Fellowship, Worship Leader, Usher, a pastor within the Pastor’s Council, Convener of church services, Preacher, Evangelist, Pastor of the Family Life Ministry and many others. He previously started working for the Lord in a church, as the cleaner for the building, including the toilet. His love and work for the Lord has caused him to have much success within the kingdom of God and his secular life.


He has written several Christian examinations and has acquired many Christian certificates from reputable religious institutions. He is also now a Reverend with the New Testament Church of God. He is the treasurer of the local church since 1998 and continues to maintain their financial records. His love for people continues to grow, as he believes that he is a servant to the Lord and also a servant to those who are called to Christian duties. He loves to worship and is not ashamed to dance and enjoy the presence of the Lord. On many occasions he teaches bible studies, conducts prayer meetings and preaches at various congregations. Whenever he teaches, he uses academic information to help the body of Christ bridge the gap between the Christian and the secular walk.

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