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Yes. Many of the books include information from academic materials. The author has engaged in studying the various subject areas for many years, and has included a lot of the information obtained in many of the books. The author has spent many years furthering his knowledge and education, allowing him to practically share his insights with others.

Working and studying for many years has provided much useful information which the author shares in each book. Each book has many current day’s information that will be beneficial to readers, as they will be able to apply the knowledge gained in their future endeavors.

No. All relevant scriptures are provided in full detail in each Christian book.

At this stage, only through Amazon. Once you click on each book, you will be directed to the source to make your payment. Currently, other payment approaches are considered, and readers will be informed soon when those options are available to purchase a book.

Once you click on each book on the website; the price is will be available. The prices are also available on Amazon for each book.

Yes. The option to make the books available in other languages has been discussed and will be seriously considered during the coming years.

Yes. This will be explored and seriously considered within the coming years.

Yes. Paperbacks are available for most books already!

The author began writing his initial book a decade ago, which led to the completion of three additional books soon after. The author was then inspired by the Creator to continue writing even up to this day. As the author pursued other academic studies, some of the additional information learned has motivated him to help people to understand some of the theories and technical things, by using simple communication for the everyday person.

Each book was reviewed by at least three experienced and qualified persons. They were able to make adjustments to the content, making sure that readers gain quick, simple and consistent information. The books were finally sent to an established Proofreader and Editing company for further editing by experienced and qualified subject editors.

Yes. Indeed, Geary Reid has typed all the information contained in each book. Once he completed putting together the information for each book, he then sought the help of other persons to review and edit the information for each book. He later sent the books for Proofreading and editing to and after their modifications, the books are available to the public.

On the acknowledge page of each book, it stated the duration that it took Geary Reid to type, review and edit each book by himself. After he completed his editing of the book, he then sent it for further reviewing and editing by other persons, whose timing varied, based upon the available time that they were able to sacrifice.

At the time of writing all of the books, he worked full time with organizations. During some of those years, he also was studying while writing the books. He has a family and spends time taking care of his family while writing each book. He actively participates in many groups and institutions, to which he is a member of, during the time of writing each book.

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