Leadership and Servanthood for Believers

Leadership is an honourable calling from the Lord, but becoming a great leader takes wisdom and humility.

In this thorough guide, Reverend Geary Reid discusses how leaders must anchor themselves and their leadership in the word of God. A leader knows when to be with other believers and when to seek solitude with the Lord, remaining connected with the Spirit at all times and finding guidance in the Bible. Leadership is not about being an army of one. Rather, a leader should be connected to, knowledgeable about, and dependent on the people he or she serves. A leader must seek help from others, learning to delegate, discipline, and reward. Leaders are called to model a balanced and godly life in all respects. Learn how, with a clear chain of command, leaders can positively affect the lives of their followers and build the kingdom of God.



God wants every Christian to be a leader. However, most people already have someone leading them currently. Remember to follow that “leader” even as God has also called you to leadership.

This book answers the question: How can I be both a follower and a leader?

Good servants can become good leaders, and a good leader first ought to be a good follower. When the leader sets examples, others will follow. A leader’s lifestyle is therefore very important, as it attracts others to follow, so it is important to lead them according to godly principles.

Christian leaders do not receive ideas only from academic information, but also directly from God. The old hymn is a true reminder of what believers should be doing: “Where he leads me I will follow. I will go with him all the way”. “All the way” reminds persons that believers are to follow God all the time wherever he leads. As a Christian leader, do you lead according to your own feelings? Do you discriminate?

This book includes many scriptures, which will guide the readers about what the Bible says concerning different aspects of leaders and servants. Many scriptures are repeated throughout this book, as they are relevant to many areas and will provide the readers with an understanding of these topics.

This book can be used for individual Christian studies, Bible studies, home studies and many other types of study, as believers seek to increase their knowledge of God in order to lead others or to follow.

Scriptures are quoted from the King James Version, and some references and sequences of scriptures from the Dake Annotated Reference Bible are used.

It is expected that as you read the book, your life as a believer will significantly improve, and the kingdom of God will be expanded because of your lifestyle. Leading is not always an easy task, but those who lead well can save many people and help them to come into their full stead with God. Leaders will have pitfalls, but they must be willing to seek God and recover so that their life will become a blessing to many others


Leadership is an art that requires balance, and with this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers a guide to achieving that balance. He knows from experience that godly leaders must understand when to push themselves and when to rest, when to focus on solving problems and when to delegate. A diligent and effective leader must also strive to maintain a work–life balance, never neglecting his or her health or family, and must treat followers well, with praise, respect, and discipline when necessary. With this book, discover how to look to God for guidance, learn from his wisdom, and enjoy the blessings and responsibilities of leadership.

Author Bio

After he became a committed Christian and was baptized, Geary Reid began serving the Lord by teaching others from the Bible and helping them grow in faith. Because he initially served in less enviable roles, such as church janitor, he understands the importance of those who serve and values them just as much as those who lead. In his long history of ministry, he has held various leadership roles in the church, including those of worship leader and pastor. He has been trained along the way and continues to strive to become the kind of leader God wants him to be.

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