Becoming a Chief Executive Officer

Learn what work actually fills a CEO’s average day. Discover the daily considerations and mindset needed to become a successful chief executive officer. In Becoming a Chief Executive Officer, author Geary Reid provides a strong introduction to the way a CEO needs to think and look at the world. He discusses what kind of mentality you need to cultivate real success as a CEO and what environment will allow you to make an impact in the role. Learn about the realities of the position, including skill identification and development, work delegation, the mindset of leadership, and resource allocation. Geary addresses the most pressing aspects of what a CEO actually does and how to tailor your mentality to become more like one.



This book intends to bring your attention to the need to become a great leader. The mere fact that you have become, or want to become, a chief executive officer (CEO) indicates your intention of becoming a leader; that is a welcoming sign.

Just be aware that you will not become a great leader overnight: You must continue to aspire toward greatness. No one was born a leader, but all the great leaders that you know started at the bottom, probably just like you.

Whether you are the CEO of a garbage company or the largest company in the world, some of the principles and qualities for CEOs of both types of businesses are similar. You are expected to learn that which is necessary for you to become a great leader. You must make deliberate efforts to improve so that people will recognize that you are working toward improving your leadership ability and thereby gain better results.

This book provides some technical and practical examples for CEOs. To better digest the information, it is advisable to reread some of the information on a regular basis. You can share this information with other leaders. Take this opportunity to see other people become great, just like you.

This book uses simple and practical information that will help many people to become the CEOs that organizations need. Some of the examples in this book may be related to your everyday life. This information can be used for people currently on the job as well as those who are about to retire.


In Becoming a Chief Executive Officer, author Geary Reid explores the mentality needed to become an effective CEO, providing a comprehensive overview of subjects a CEO must be familiar with to achieve success. These include company structure, task delegation, the evolving relationship between businesses and information technologies, and more. Gain a glimpse into the mindset a CEO needs to cultivate and maintain in such a demanding role, and discover why success is less about learning good business strategy and more about knowing when it’s best to change strategies altogether.

Author Bio

Many people want to transition from the role of a worker into that of a manager or a leader of an organization. Geary Reid has seen his fair share of people struggling to make it to the top of the business hierarchy, and he has always had a passion for passing on his knowledge and insight. He’s worked with many CEOs and been involved in the decision-making processes of several high-level operations and businesses. Moreover, Reid is regularly sought after by industry leaders for his business acumen and his knowledge of strategic decisions.

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