Leadership: A Tough Call

Explore how to cultivate leadership skills that will help you positively impact those around you in life and at work. Becoming a leader is no easy task, and not everyone is cut out for the demands of a leadership role. With years of experience as a leader both in the corporate world and within the community, author Geary Reid wants to provide you with the knowledge you need to lead others and helpyou cultivate the skills necessary for the job.Gain insight into what it takes to be a leader, and discover whether leadership is a good fit for you.



Many persons would like to become leaders at some point or other, and that is a well-accepted desire. Leadership comes with many benefits and provides persons with the opportunity to see, hear and experience different things that may not be available to others who are not part of the decision-making process of an organization.

While leadership provides many benefits, it is not an easy call. The demands on your life as a leader are numerous. Some people, when they become leaders and recognize the challenges, may want to quit, but sometimes it is too late. Leadership can be a challenging assignment. It is also a committed call where only the strong survive.

Not many kinds of literature tell you about the challenges of leadership, but rather, they may inform you of its many merits. Sometimes going through situations so as to gain valuable experience is good, keeping in mind, however, that the price to be paid may be very expensive for you as you strive to be a good leader.

The challenges that a leader may face may not be standard, and sometimes no one can adequately prepare for such. A leader must possess many skills and must be able to produce results. Your appointment or election as a leader must be a worthwhile investment by those who choose to provide you with that great opportunity to lead others.

It is imperative to recognize why leadership is important as this will help provide an understanding of the different facets of leadership. A leader who wants to achieve success must have a passion for it. Too many leaders have lost their passion and will only drag themselves as long as the organization keeps them. When the leader does not have a passion for success, then those who follow them may provide mediocre service.

What type of leader are you? There are many types of leaders, and each type will gain different results. Your followers may respond to you differently based on your approach toward them. A democratic leader may be good, but the drawbacks may be many as some persons may need an autocratic leader to get them to do what they are paid to do, whereas a charismatic leader will motivate their followers to get things done or further improve the way things are being done.

Leaders have activities they are expected to execute. Some people believe that once you become a leader, you can delegate everything to the followers and relax as they work hard. That is not so since a leader must actively engage in the work of the organization.

Leadership is not a walk in the park. It can convert a novice into a beast if no training or guidance is provided. A leader may do many good things, but one mistake will dismiss all the good things that were done. The leader is hardly provided with all the resources needed, but they must take what is provided and make those resources work for the success of the team or the organization holistically. When you become a leader, you may have less time for yourself as well as your family and friends; however, aim to become a good leader.



While becoming a leader is an admirable goal, the journey to achieving it can be strenuous and difficult. With that in mind, based on his experience as a leader in business and in the community, Geary Reid offers this comprehensive exploration of the qualities, attitudes, and disciplines of a good leader. Discover what kind of leader you are, and learn how you can develop your skills to effectively and positively influence others.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has never been one to shy away from a leadership position. Having worked as asenior manager for several organizations over the years, he knows what qualities make a goodleader. He also knows whatkinds of challenges leaders face and that the work of a true leaderdoes not stop when he or she leaves work for the day..

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