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Leadership is not for the faint of heart, and Geary Reid’sCEO in Action fearlessly tackles some of the most pressing concerns CEOs and leaders face. As astrategic leader, you don’t simply start a company. You plan, gather information, and map out the necessary steps. When your company begins to grow,you remain vigilant. You know you need to stay in touch with all aspects ofthe business. You learn to value your employees and treat them well, motivating them to become invested in the project. Navigating and maintaining it all can be difficult, but Geary Reid is here to help. From boardroom meetings to managing employees, Reid is thorough in his examination of what is needed to effectively lead an organization. He knows you want your organization to succeed,and this book will help you getthere. With well-reasoned and researched approaches, this book offers compact and compelling advice you don’t want to miss.



A person who is employed must have high expectations that they will one day direct their entire organization, whether they own the organization, or it belongs to another. Unless you have high expectations, you will not reach the pinnacle of an organization. There is no danger in thinking big. You will act according to your thinking, which can make you the CEO of an organization or not.

As you journey through this book, there are many important things that you will need to know. These will help you to become an effective chief executive officer. You are not born with a chief executive officer attitude; you earn it. There is much effort required to reach that position. You must be diligent, persistent and a vital team member.

Many persons feel that in order to become the chief executive officer, they must know all aspects of the organization. While that may be their view, it is not a fact. When you become the chief executive officer, you will not know everything, but will have to depend on others to provide you with critical and accurate information, so that you will be able to make important decisions for the organization. The chief executive officer must work with their team to obtain quality information, so that when a decision has to be made there will not be any regrets related to inaccurate information.

This book provides a systematic review of many departments or units that operate within an organization and shows the involvement of the chief executive officer (CEO) in each of those departments. The bird’s eye view provided here will help a CEO become more aware and understand how to become more effective.

Many of the departments and functions mentioned here are modern and will reflect the current activities they perform. Only once the CEO becomes familiar with the department and their responsibility will they make a strategic decision for the sustainability of the organization. Sometimes they might have biases related to their studies and areas of expertise, but this book synchronizes all those concerns so that a CEO will deliver an excellent performance.

There will be challenges during the occupancy of such a prestigious office, but some of those challenges will not last forever. The CEO ought to be willing and able to change the negative behavior of employees within an organization into a positive future. This requires much work, but it is possible.

You can help other persons to become effective as you spend time duplicating yourself. If you are excellent, you will not be out of work, so teach others what you know.

To become the CEO an organization is searching for, read this.


Leadership is about more than simply telling others what to do. Reid demonstrates the necessity for leaders to listen to, understand, and utilize the skills of those who work under them. As CEOs are not experts in every aspect of a business, they must lead from a place of humble collaboration, willing to encourage the strengths and contributions of others. With all the practical concerns CEOs have on their plates, they must become knowledgeable in all areas of the company, making necessary changes and keeping tabs on work quality. Reid’s book is thorough in its scope and specific in its advice, making it an essential read for those who desire to lead their organizations well.

Author Bio

As a leader, Geary Reid wants to share what he has learned over the years. He provides guidance from both a practical and anacademic stand point, offering insights to help CEOs become great leaders. He has learned through leading an organization that while you can’t make everyone happy, you must be able to make decisions to help the business grow. After being elevated to the position of chief executive officer, many don’t know which key areas to focus on. Reid hopes the experience and knowledge he has to share will benefit these leaders.

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