Care and Respect for the Elderly

Learn how to take care of your parents and the elderly. Once you live long enough, you will want someone to care and respect you.

Author Geary Reid feels that too many senior persons are struggling. He sees many younger persons quickly placing elderly persons in a caring home and moving on with their lives.  Elderly persons can live long and happy lives, but someone must be there for them.

If you are helping an elderly person, congratulations to you. If you are not caring and respecting an elderly person, then read this book and make that change quickly, as they really need someone to be there for them.




There is a very familiar saying: “Once a man, twice a child”. In our early years, this statement may not seem relevant, but as we become older, it becomes more and more real. When a person begins to age, they will definitely need some help, and they may rely on you for the very things they once taught you, so that their days will be prolonged with reasonable health.

Sow good seeds now, and reap a great harvest in the future! Taking care of other persons must not be dependent upon what they have done for you; it must be from a heart of love and your desire to help them to become better.

Every parent deserves to be treated with respect, no matter their history. Every elderly person must be given great respect even if they are not part of your family. Whatever love you extend to other persons may also determine the treatment that other persons will meet out to you in the future.

This literature challenges children, regardless of their age, to take care of their parents and the elderly. The words “parent” and “elderly person” may be used interchangeably, although your own parents may not yet be elderly, since some parents start their child-bearing years very early. While some persons may not have their biological parents, they must also respect those who have spent time and money parenting them. Some guardians and godparents have played a great role in raising children, which has allowed those children to become persons of importance today.

Caring for the elderly and your parents means more than visiting them once a year on Mother’s or Father’s Day. They need you more than on those special days, so you should make it part of your routine to be alongside them as often as practicable, and certainly more than once a year.

Your parent may need medical check-ups, depending on their health, and you may have to take them to the hospital or arrange for someone to ensure that they regularly attend their appointments. If your parent or other elderly person in your life is not in a solid financial position, then you and other members of your family will have to assist them so that their medical check-ups are done. Encourage your parents before they reach their pensionable age to ensure that they are a part of a pension scheme or have some money saved for their future expenses. If you are entrusted to take care of their pension, make sure that it is spent to take care of that person, and not for your personal use.

When parents are not mobile, children may leave them at home most of the time. This action can cause elderly persons to feel that they are in prison. Efforts must be made to take them to see their friends, workmates and family on a regular basis. Each child can take turns in visiting their parents and taking them to socialize, visit the theatre or any other social gathering. Some elderly persons have a passion for attending religious activities as they once did when they were younger. Do not deny them such opportunities, but help them to be connected to their Creator and have fellowship with persons that they know and love.


Every parent and elderly person made great sacrifices for their children and many other persons. What they want in return, is to be cared for and respected. Geary Reid knows this very well, as his father and father in law are two senior persons that he respects and with whom he communicates. He also has many senior persons in the religious organization that he attends, and he takes time to respect them and help them in whatever way he can.Learn the important things that you can do to help elderly persons, including your parents by reading this life changing book.

Author Bio

Geary Reid grew up in a nuclear family, observing his parents care for their parents and other senior family members. When he attends church, he has many senior persons that he must communicate with and hear from. He likes transporting some of them to their homes, as they share important information and history that helps him to know more about them and more about life.If you are a young person today, you will not be young forever. So read this important book and learn to care and respect the elderly.

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