Standing up Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a real social and familial issue, and it needs to be stopped.

Geary Reid tackles domestic violence head-on, showing how it affects individuals, families, communities, and countries. He defines domestic violence and explores its negative impacts through the traumatic and abusive family patterns it produces. Reid examines other familial issues that can result in domestic violence and suggests how readers can deal with them. He also offers useful insights for organizations and family members on how they can help prevent domestic violence. In the fight against domestic violence, outside intervention might be needed at times for children or other affected family members. Businesses and organizations should intentionally speak against domestic violence, never promoting it as an acceptable norm. Society needs to take responsibility to protect people from domestic violence. Everyone is responsible for advocating for domestic violence victims, and the first step is learning about the issue through this resource.




Domestic violence affects individuals, families, communities and countries. Since neither the perpetrator nor the victim benefits from domestic violence, everyone must stand up against it. Many times, domestic violence fragments families, and this can also affect the organizations where they work. Extended families must be careful so that they do not knowingly contribute to domestic violence. Neighbors can also play an important role in avoiding domestic violence.

This literature is divided into two important sections. An explanation of domestic violence is provided at the beginning of this literature in which the words “domestic” and “violence” are addressed separately to provide more clarity to this important term, which often affects many persons. In addition, many simple and practical ways to avoid domestic violence are provided for the readers.

It might be shocking for people to learn what contributes to domestic violence. While some persons are aware of a few things that affect domestic violence, they might be surprised to find out several other things that contribute to domestic violence.

This literature provides many solutions to avoid and mitigate domestic violence in today’s world. First, everyone needs to see domestic violence as a negative thing that must be stopped. No one individual alone will win the battle against domestic violence; therefore, everyone must be immediately involved. Tomorrow may be too late, as many lives will be negatively affected by the impact of domestic violence.

The government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) cannot be left out of the fight against domestic violence. Every religious organization must educate its members to combat domestic violence. Programs should be planned by religious organizations to help their members demonstrate love rather than hate.

In addition, many entertainment places should be involved in curbing domestic violence. The type of music being played in public places may sometimes contribute to domestic violence, and television and radio stations have an equal and important part to play in reducing domestic violence. Employees of bars and clubs should use whatever opportunities they have to minimize or eliminate domestic violence. Signage at important places may be a good reinforcement to assist in the fight against domestic violence.

Many children and family members are affected by domestic violence. Therefore, they must be taught how to identify and report it to the relevant authorities. Children sometimes have access to many persons and organizations who will listen to them and take action against domestic violence.

The battle against domestic violence must be intensive, and everyone needs to be involved. Can you help today? Yes, you can, and yes, you must! We must join together to make domestic violence a thing of the past.


In Standing up against Domestic Violence, Geary Reid defines domestic violence and explores how you can join the fight against it. Domestic violence affects many families each year, and our culture can promote its harmful patterns, passing them down to the next generation. This must be stopped. Neighbors, family members, and businesses need to learn about the harmful effects of domestic violence. Reid explains how to recognize signs of domestic abuse and suggests preventative measures to combat it. Everyone should be aware of and advocate for people experiencing domestic violence. This book provides religious organizations, businesses, and families with the tools they need to break these patterns of abuse.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid believes everyone is valuable and deserving of freedom. Over many decades, he has witnessed the negative impacts of domestic violence, and he wants to help those affected by it through motivating people and organizations to use their time and resources to stand against abuse. Reid believes children should be taught about healthy family patterns to break the cycle of domestic violence, and he hopes this book will help society to do so.

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