Treat Me Well While I Am Alive

Everyone wants to live. No one wants to die. No one knows when they will die. So, Author Geary Reid reinforces the fact in this new book “Treat me well while I am alive” for you to take good care of those who are alive. In this new book, he proceeds to remind readers that those persons in the grave cannot smell the expensive cologne that you will give to them after they die. They cannot say thank you for the wonderful eulogy that you will read about them. Here, Reid offers practical suggestions for people to treat each other well while they are alive.

Read this book today, and become aware of what you must do to make the living feel happy to know you. Life is short, but it can be enjoyable if you treat people well today.




Death is one thing many people wish didn’t exist. Death seems to take people who were doing good things, while—as some will passionately argue—death leaves behind others who did evil and should not be on the face of the earth. This book speaks about the need to treat people well since you are not sure when they will die.

Every individual was born with a purpose. Some have fulfilled their purpose, and therefore their departure from this beautiful earth leaves a sense of satisfaction to those who remain. Some people’s contributions are so significant that many others are still benefiting from the good things they did.

By reading this book, you are expected to learn of the many things you can do to show appreciation for the living. Many people do not know when it will be their last day on this earth, and their death may be a great surprise to you, leaving you shocked for a long time. Indeed, death often creates great pain, especially for those who were close to the deceased. Do not wait until someone is dead to acknowledge their contribution. Every individual is expected to treat everyone well today since they do not know what tomorrow offers, for themselves and for others.

Some people may die due to old age and the physical and spiritual decline it brings. Each person has a body, soul, and spirit. A person’s health must be taken seriously, as it affects the body, and without a healthy body, the soul and spirit cannot function effectively.

Rich and poor people will die. After death, they are all equal in status in the grave. A wealthy person may receive special acknowledgements at their funeral, but those acknowledgements will not cause them to live again. Therefore, treat everyone well today, as tomorrow they may suddenly depart from this earth.

Those who are alive must try to live in harmony with as many people as possible, as far as it is practical. Leaving an inheritance for family members and friends is an important thing everyone should endeavor to do. Too many families struggle because the main contributor of the family dies without leaving a solid foundation for the rest of the family.

When someone takes wreaths and cologne for a dead person, it may be to acknowledge the contribution of the deceased, or it may be a tradition. However, the dead cannot use material things. Therefore, while people are alive, give them the best things you can give them, so when they die, you are comforted that you tried your best to make their stay on earth an enjoyable experience.

Many can contribute to their longevity by exercising, having a relationship with the Creator, eating healthy, and many other important things. Some of those things should be embraced today.


In ‘Treat me well while I am alive’, author Geary Reid, speaks to some of the important things that other persons must do for others before they die. He reminds people that death is inevitable and someone you know will die without notice. He experienced many friends and workmates dying, and knew that many persons could have better demonstrated their appreciation for the now deceased person while that person was still on Earth. You are therefore challenged after reading this book to treat everyone well, despite the fact that it may be the first time that you meet them, as there may not be a tomorrow for those persons.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid knows firsthand about the importance of treating people well while they are alive. He has attended many funeral services and has seen persons trying to show appreciation to the dead. Little do those persons know that the dead person cannot accept whatever is offered to them.Reid wants more people to treat the living as kings and queens, since dead persons cannot feel, see or hear in response to anything that others do for them.

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