Invest in your Children’s Development

Investing in your child today will bring a profit for a lifetime.

Parents today are busy, but their children need them more than ever.

As a parent, you brought your child into the world. It can be a struggle to invest in your child, especially as work and other responsibilities pile up. In Invest in Your Child’s Development, Geary Reid encourages parents to do just that: slow down and find ways to connect with and teach their children. After all, before you know it, your children will be grown and gone. 

With practical tips on how to spend time with your children, such as listening to the news or going to see a movie, this book will show you the importance and purpose of those memorable occasions. Raising children is more than merely making sure they are clothed and fed; they are human beings who need to be nurtured and taught important life skills. When you learn to invest in your children, you are sure to get a good return in the years to come.



Every parent has a responsibility to provide and care for their children and not to leave that responsibility to the government or to their friends, family, and neighbors. Therefore, adults, when you are considering having children, be prepared to invest in each of them to make them great. While children may not know what they need, parents must be willing to do their best for them. Too many children have suffered because their parents did not make it their responsibility to invest in them. Whatever investments parents make in their children, they will be celebrating their children’s outcomes very soon.

When children want to attend social events, they may expect that their parents will go with them and support them. Some children may enroll in classes for dancing, playing a musical instrument, or swimming and will need their parents to take them to and from those venues.

The success of children’s education depends upon how much their parents invest in it. When children are educated, they have a great opportunity for a bright future. Not all children may have an interest in academics, but some may have a love for sports. Therefore, parents must support their children in whatever sports they choose, as sports have the potential to make children great. When children see that their parents are their biggest supporters, they will often want to do their best to make their parents proud.

Some parents will say that they are working for minimum wage, so they cannot invest financially in their children’s development. However, parents can also invest time in their children. For example, parents can listen to the news with their children or read books with them. Family devotion is another thing that parents can do with their children.

Domestic activities do not have any gender, so parents must train both their sons and their daughters to help within the home. In the early stage of some children’s lives, they may resist doing domestic activities, but parents must utilize many options to get those children to enjoy these tasks. Preparation of meals is another thing some children hate, but as parents take those children to buy food and allow them to choose some of their favorite items, it may motivate them to begin to prepare meals.

Many children complain about washing dirty dishes, but parents must be patient and consistent with them in teaching them the importance of keeping the house and kitchen clean. Children must be taught about consuming healthy meals as often as possible and avoiding junk food, since whatever children eat now will affect their future health.

Families often find great fun when they go on vacation. So, parents, save some money and take your family on vacation, whether it is a local or international destination, and see the joy on your children’s faces.


Parents need to invest in their children by spending time with them, teaching them necessary life skills, and ensuring they are well educated. Here, Geary Reid reminds parents to take advantage of opportunities for their children and to be involved in their holistic development from infancy to adulthood. Every investment a parent makes in their child will provide benefits for years to come. 

Author Bio

As a parent, Geary Reid wants to pass on practical wisdom that he learned from his parents and has practiced with his children. He exemplifies the philosophies he teaches as he invests his time, money, and wisdom in his children so that they might benefit and grow. He shares his experience because he doesn’t want children’s potential to be neglected but to be nurtured instead. 

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