The Simple Keys to a Happy Relationship

The key to a happy relationship is intentionality.

Rediscovering the romance in your relationship is easier than you think.

Too often, couples let the romance die in their relationship and don’t understand why. Here, Geary Reid provides many simple and useful tips to keep your relationship alive and well.

Couples can express their love for one another verbally and nonverbally. When couples can enjoy recreation and relaxation together, and learn to live together well, they will keep the initial spark of love alive.

One of the biggest roadblocks in a relationship is busyness. Partners need to intentionally make time for one another. Every person needs to be acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated. When partners learn to appreciate each other, they will be on their way to a happier and healthier relationship.



Couples who are in love know that they are allowed to show affection towards each other, long before they are in closed chambers. Their love must be an ever-expanding and constantly evolving cycle. Those in relationships must seize every moment to let their partner know how much they appreciate them.

There are many things that couples can do to express their emotions without saying a word. These non-verbal expressions will cause partners to feel attracted to each other. Couples do not have to wait until they are in a private place to express romantic feelings for each other. When couples hold hands in a gentle manner, it often sends a message that only they can interpret and respond to. Eye contact can also put persons in a good mood to connect with their partner.

Oral and physical hygiene is important for romance. Those who constantly practice good oral and physical hygiene may recognize that their companions often want to be in their presence, even if no words are said.   

Both partners must monitor their diet and place much emphasis on exercising. Eating healthy meals and exercising are very important for persons to stay in shape and ensure that they remain attractive to their companions. The seductive clothes that some persons want to wear to capture their partner’s interest require them to make some adjustments in their diet and exercise in order to get their body in shape and cause their partner to constantly admire them. Dancing together will help couples to keep fit and also add to their romance.

Persons must avoid spending too much time on their phones and computers when their companions are with them. They must try and complete most of their business as early as possible so that they can allocate more time to look at and listen to their companions. Those who work very hard to accomplish many things for themselves and their families must give some time to their partners, since they are still expected to be romantic as they acquire important things for their families.

This literature is divided into four important and practical sections. The last section is devoted to relaxation and investments. When couples choose the right places for their vacations, they may add more value to their relationships. Every couple must be willing to invest time and money in each other’s lives, and they will watch their relationship grow.

Attending the theater and watching movies together allows couples to relax and also learn many ways to improve their romantic relationships. If couples participate in sports, they will have more time to work as a team, disagree with each other, and then once again agree to work together as a family. Birthdays and wedding anniversary celebrations are two major events that some couples place much emphasis on. When the bed and bedroom are attractive to them, couples will want to spend more time there with each other.


After couples fall in love, it takes effort to maintain their relationship. They can keep their love alive by intentionally creating healthy relationship practices and avoiding pitfalls. Sometimes making a partner feel loved and appreciated is as simple as a smile or maintaining eye contact. Other times, partners will need to step away from their busy lives for some fun, relaxing alone time together. When both partners are committed to the practices detailed here, they will have a more successful and happier relationship.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid shares from his more than two decades of marital experience. He has heard from many couples about the dissatisfaction in their relationships, and that they feel the romance is dead. He wants to share some things that have helped him in his marriage, and that he has learned from other couples, to help couples appreciate and celebrate each other in a way that keeps their relationship alive.

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