Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce is not the end of your chances for marital happiness.

Divorce can be painful, but it isn’t the end.

Many couples and families are impacted by divorce today, and not everyone understands how or why it happens. Couples can slowly get too busy for each other and drift apart, or they may not resolve their conflicts and find it easier to separate. Some divorcees have had abusive or unfaithful partners. Whatever the reason for a divorce, it is always a painful loss.

After divorce, a person needs healing. They should seek counseling and try to restore their mental and physical health, especially if they want to pursue a romantic relationship again. To remarry, one must learn from the first relationship and avoid the same pitfalls. Children, money, and legal issues must all be considered when one is thinking about getting remarried. 

Building a new family takes work, but a divorced person can learn to have a healthy new marriage if they take the time to learn, grow, and invest in the new relationship. Here, Geary Reid shares from experience and research he has acquired through years of counseling people through divorce and remarriage.



Love is a good thing, and many persons pursue relationships with great expectations. As they enter their marriage life, they may be having a great time, but then suddenly, their relationship starts to experience problems. While many words may not be said, their body language may say it all, and other people may recognize that this couple is having difficulties in their marriage. They may start to spend less time together, argue frequently, and avoid being seen together in public. Then suddenly, what persons have observed about the couple’s unusual behavior has revealed itself, and the couple chooses to divorce.

In this literature, the first section addresses divorce by first providing a definition of it. It then goes on to address the signs of divorce that persons must look for. The third chapter in this first section identifies the contributing factors for divorce, and chapters four and five look at the legal aspect of divorce and how the assets are valued and distributed among the divorcees.

The second section prompts divorcees to seek counseling so that they can manage their mental health and continue their lives. The side effects of divorce are also covered in this section, along with the things that persons can do to clear their minds of the past. Those who have been through divorce must be aware of the pitfalls to avoid in the future. There is a need for counseling for those who desire to start a new relationship.

Once divorcees are looking to start another relationship, section four reminds them to get themselves in shape, as their secret admirer may be closer than they think. Those who want a new relationship must be willing to exercise, eat healthy, and visit their doctors as part of their preparation for a new companion. They must be prepared to go places where they can be seen by that person who will soon be in love with them. Before making a commitment, they must evaluate their potential companion. Once they are satisfied with the evaluation, then it is time for courtship, as love is in the air.  

Section four challenges divorcees to go ahead and marry again. Even though their previous relationship did not work out, it is expected that this new relationship will be long-lasting and enjoyable. Planning for the wedding is important. Decide who will be invited to the wedding, and then after the wedding, it is time for the honeymoon.

If a remarried couple wants children from this new relationship, then section five is just for them. Some divorcees have children from their previous marriages but feel that they need at least one child from this new relationship. Parents must provide guidance to their children in their reorganized family type, since some children will need to adjust to their new adopted parent. Congratulations to any divorcees who want to enjoy a new relationship. Start now and feel the joy of living with someone who cares for you and will make your feel like the most valuable person.


Divorce doesn’t happen overnight. When people divorce, it may be because one or both partners have mismanaged money, they have grown apart, there has been infidelity or abuse, or one of the partners is using drugs. There are many other conflicts that drive couples apart. Whatever the reason for a divorce, it will leave the divorcees suffering from anger, depression, or even low self-esteem. When a divorcee wishes to remarry, he or she should pursue it with wisdom, learning from their past experience and healing from their pain through counseling. Divorcees can experience happy and successful remarriage once they put in the work.

Author Bio

Having watched people he knows go through divorce, Geary Reid seeks to show the reasons and after-effects of divorce. He has spent time counseling individuals before, during, and after divorce. He hopes people can become more informed about divorce and better prepare themselves for remarriage through his book. He wants to encourage divorcees that their life and chances of marital happiness are not over.

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