Building Relationships and Avoiding Extramarital Affairs

Every successful relationship must overcome a few hurdles. Learn how to build arelationship that will flourish while resisting carnal temptation.Using nearly two decades of marriage experience, author Geary Reid outlines the secrets tobuilding a secure long-term relationship. Building Relationships and Avoiding Extramarital Affairs explores the pitfalls many relationships encounter, including those that tend to lead to an affair, and tells you exactly how to avoid them. Aside from offering tips on finding and being theright partner, Reid explains how those in a relationship can work together by taking practical steps to promote their relationship with each other and with their families




Relationships are sometimes easy to form but challenging to maintain. When established relationships face challenges, one partner may choose a path that seems to be easy but may in fact turn out to be extremely expensive in the long run. This, in turn, may damage their reputation, which may never be fixed.

Everyone needs to be loved or have someone care for them and show them respect. In this literature, both common-law relationships and marriages will be considered, as they encounter similar challenges; this is to ensure that the best of efforts are made by each partner to honor their obligations to the relationship. Single persons may also find this literature very helpful since they will be equipped ahead of time with useful information that they can use in the future. No relationship is perfect, but every effort must be made to make a relationship better.

There are many and will continue to be many distractions for relationships. Some persons are bold enough to inform you that they want a relationship with you—despite knowing that you are already in a relationship. Knowledge of your marital status may not dissuade some persons, and they may take an aggressive approach to winning your heart.

As the saying goes, ‘’No man is an island”, and all people are subjected to such issues. If however, they keep their companion by their side, they may be able to ward off such approaches. The grass may look greener on the other side; however, when you get there, the color may not be the same as what you saw from afar. Although your relationship may not be where you want it to be, do not become quick to trade it for a relationship that you are unsure of and one that may not bring you happiness.

Effective communication is an essential element that helps keep a relationship alive. Both parties must communicate with each other. Communication must be verbal and nonverbal, and each person is expected to make the best use of whatever options are available to them in order to interact with their companion. It may be useful to take vacations to add some spark to your relationship, especially if you are experiencing challenges. Vacations may be costly, but it may be a worthwhile investment to save your relationship. Another option may be to consult with a marriage/relationship counselor to try to resolve issues in the relationship.

Couples will disagree at times; they must, however, work toward improving their relationship and seek every opportunity to make up after disagreements. It is essential to be involved in each other’s lives by visiting each other’s friends, family and coworkers as a couple so that you will know more about your partner and find ways to treat your partner with respect. Visiting other persons together may create opportunities for you to establish the relationship in the community while demonstrating your love and respect in public.

Sports, hygiene and staying healthy are also crucial for any relationship. Play together and grow together. Intimacy must be a part of your relationship. If it is dormant, then find ways to improve it.

Be willing to say no to extramarital affairs. Please note that the term “extramarital affair” in this book will refer not only to married persons but also to any two people who consider themselves companions or partners. Your place of work may be a breeding ground for these types of affairs. A person’s apparel and cologne may gain your attention, so look out for that. Your relationship is too precious to be traded. So, keep it!


In Building Relationships and Avoiding Extramarital Affairs, Geary Reid explores how to build arelationship strong enough to withstand the temptation of an affair. This comprehensive and practical look at love guides you step by step through the best ways to develop a relationship that works and to minimize the chances of an affair. Geary takes the reader from the process of searching for a relationship all the way through making that relationship last forever. Along the way, he offers tips on being more considerate in all aspects of a relationship and provides useful insights both for those looking to begin relationships and for those who are already married.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has been married for almost two decades, and while he and his wife have faced challenges, they are committed to each other. A fragmented relationship harms not only both partners but also the family unit, and some families never regain their strength after an affair. While he loves interacting with people, Reid is careful to avoid extramarital affairs, and he aimsto help readers do the same by sharing the lessons that he has learned through experience.

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