Employees are Important

Learn how to manage employees properly and create a healthy work environment that encourages productivity.

Happy and productive employees are essential to running a good business. Armed with years of experience leading and managing employees, Geary Reid offers this treasure trove of guidance for business owners on how to properly manage and motivate their employees. Learn about effective communication styles, different approaches to training and performance assessment, and your role as a leader and mentor in the workplace. Take a step toward success today by discovering how you can create a healthy environment that encourages employees to work hard and do their bes



Organizations need people. Even organizations using modern technology require some amount of human interaction.

From this literature, you will get a better understanding of people, their needs and some of their wants. This book is intended to provide a clear understanding of why people are important and that everyone must be treated with great respect.

When employers understand their employees and treat them accordingly, there will be great success in the organization. However, on the contrary, when employees are not treated properly or respected, they will not work toward the organization’s success. An employee is an asset to an organization!

There are many types of leaders that an organization may have. Each leader will have their own style of leading. However, it is important to build up employees to make an organization successful. Employees need to be motivated, and there are times when a leader must be sensitive enough to help them through a challenging moment.

Compensation is often a concern for employees. Each leader must ensure that their subordinates are properly compensated, based upon the organization’s ability. When the organization has to replace employees constantly, the organization’s output may not be the same. It may be better to provide some employees with additional compensation, rather than having to replace them, as the learning curve may be steep.

Employees need vacations. While they may be good at what they are doing, help them to plan their vacations and ensure that they go on their vacations at the most appropriate times. Leaders must try to avoid burning out their employees by making them spend too much time working and not allowing them to go on their entitled vacations.

Wherever it is possible, organizations should invest in technology. Some of the labor-intensive and risky tasks that employees have to endure can be performed by machines. If a technology is outdated, then there is a great need to have such technology and equipment replaced so that employees can operate in comfort and safety.

Empowering employees must be a passion for leaders. While the leaders may not always be available to carry out certain assignments, those employees that are empowered may be able to execute those tasks as though the leader were there. Constant communication and training are important to help employees to grow and appreciate the position of the organization. Whenever there is a drought of communication, it may leave room for speculation by employees. Treat employees well, and they may make the organization great.


 Employees are the backbone of any good business, and how they are treated and trained can make or break a company. In this book, Geary Reid, who has been a human resources manager in the business world, offers comprehensive guidance on how to properly manage employees and create a motivating workplace environment that incentivizes them to do their best. Learn about mentorship and the role of leaders in an organization, a variety of effective communication styles, and the importance of conflict resolution. Discover today how you can build a healthy relationship with your employees and achieve your goal of running a successful business.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has had a long and rewarding career in people management and leadership. In his role, in addition to counseling employees, he consulted with senior personnel to determine strategies that would ensure an optimal environment for both the organization and the employees, and his advice resulted in significant cost savings for multiple businesses. Throughout his career, he ensured employees were treated fairly and rewarded properly for their hard work, and he continues to provide guidance to employees to this day.

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