Effective and Efficient Administrative Assistants

By acquiring the necessary skills and habits, administrative assistants can achieve greater professional success.

By acquiring the necessary skills and habits, administrative assistants can achieve greater professional success.

In Effective and Efficient Administrative Assistants, Reverend Geary Reid discusses the core responsibilities and traits of an ideal administrative assistant. In many ways, administrative assistants are responsible for the success—or failure—of any business. Often, they are the link between various actors in a business; consequently, they must be effective communicators and exceptional planners. Their responsibilities include scheduling meetings, responding to emails, introducing new employees to the workplace, and arranging their team leader’s calendar. Because of this, it is crucial for a good administrative assistant to be organized, independent, friendly, and communicative. To achieve optimum success in their field, administrative assistants must cultivate all of these traits—and more. 

Though people have traditionally viewed administrative assistants as disposable or superfluous, this is certainly not the case. Administrative assistants are key members of any organization, and their employers must treat them with the respect, care, and consideration that they deserve. Through this book, readers will learn about the main responsibilities of an administrative assistant, as well as the skills, habits, and experience that all successful administrative assistants must attain.



Administrative Assistants play a critical role in ensuring the efficient functioning of every organization. While the number of employees performing this critical function has been reduced in some organizations, the support provided by Administrative Assistants is still important, and it would be difficult to replace all Administrative Assistants, since they are value-added products to every organization.

The term “Administrative Assistant” can sometimes be used interchangeably with other terms that represent the same function, such as Confidential Secretary, Executive Assistant, or Personal Assistant to the Manager. It should be noted, however, that the position of an Administrator is different from that of an Administrative Assistant, as the Administrator is similar to that of a Manager or Leader.

The position of Administrative Assistant is not gender biased. However, for many years, there has been a greater number of female employees occupying this position. Whether a male or female is occupying this position, the most important thing is that they are expected to perform the role effectively. 

This literature is divided into three critical sections to provide a greater understanding of Administrative Assistants. The first section carefully addresses the employees’ responsibilities. This serves to remind Administrative Assistants that they have many important duties to perform in whichever organization they serve. The second section addresses the core competencies that Administrative Assistants must possess. Therefore, if anyone wishes to learn what knowledge and skills they need to possess in order to serve as an Administrative Assistant, this section is important for them. Sometimes, Administrative Assistants need to be reminded of their core competencies so that they will function effectively in the organization. The third section addresses what employers should do to make the work of Administrative Assistants enjoyable. Many Administrative Assistants desire to do more for organizations, but the leaders must provide them with the equipment and scope to perform such duties effectively and efficiently.

Administrative Assistants cannot be replaced by other employees. Many Administrative Assistants make the work of their leaders very easy. Filing and retrieving documents must be done by employees who are trained to perform such functions. Confidentiality is one of the core competencies that leaders expect all Administrative Assistants to possess, since they will have access to many sensitive documents. 

Coordinating meetings, taking notes in meetings, generating action sheets, and answering telephone calls are all part of Administrative Assistants’ responsibilities. Some Administrative Assistants perform these duties with ease. Stakeholders are pleased to learn that they are talking to a pleasant person at the other end of the telephone, and many Administrative Assistants have pleasant personalities and will answer the telephone in a professional manner. Many are effective communicators who can often produce letters that only need the leaders’ signatures. Administrative Assistants can also be sounding boards for the leaders and other employees.


Administrative assistants are crucial to the overall success of any business. The best administrative assistants must be, among other things, organized, personable, assertive, and proactive. Though many people profess to be skilled in these areas, only those who are truly dedicated to their work will become the most successful, efficient administrative assistants. How can administrative assistants become better at their job? What sorts of skills and habits must a good administrative assistant cultivate? How should the working relationship between an administrative assistant and an employer look? In this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers answers to these questions—and many more. The job of an administrative assistant is not easy; indeed, it requires dedication and commitment. However, by acquiring the necessary skills and habits, administrative assistants can achieve greater professional success.

Author Bio

Over the course of his life, Reverend Geary Reid has frequently interacted with administrative assistants. Consequently, he understands how integral an administrative assistant is to the overall function and success of a business. For the betterment of their professional selves and their workplace, administrative assistants must learn how to cultivate skills that will boost their productivity and effectiveness at work. If they do so, they will not only find their work more enjoyable but also be able to apply the skills they have learned to other areas of life. With this book, Reid wants to help administrative assistants achieve great success in both their professional and personal lives.

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