Winning Your Battle Against Satan’s Attacks

When you let the Lord fight for you, you will win the battle against Satan.

You can stand strong against Satan when you learn to rely on God’s strength.

Ever since he fell, Satan has been trying to trap man in his snares and temptations. Now, he causes mischief on earth, tempting man to do what God hates: sin.

Yet, God made a way for us to be reconciled through His Son Jesus, defeating the plans of Satan to divide us. Jesus not only restores our relationship with God but also sets an example for how we can respond when Satan is tempting us. 

Learn how to win the spiritual battle against Satan by fleeing temptation and obeying God. Practice trusting in God, relying on His strength and wisdom to stand against Satan. Be encouraged, knowing victory is coming and that God will subdue your enemies, just as He defeated Satan and death.



Every believer will come up against the attacks of Satan, despite their relationship with the Lord. It is Satan’s plan to destroy the children of God, and he has won against some of them, but those who follow God’s words and directions prevail against Satan. The devil is a deceiver, always looking for ways to cause believers to be defeated, but you must resist him. This deceiver is often referred by many other names, including Satan, angel of light, the devil, Lucifer, the dragon, serpent, etc. As an experienced deceiver, he can deceive even the most intelligent person. Jesus told every believer that they have the power to tread upon scorpions and serpents without being hurt, because God is on their side.

If every believer knows how to withstand Satan when he attacks them, then they will be winners. It is God’s intention that every believer defeat Satan. The battle against Satan cannot be won in the flesh, but in the spirit. Satan is a spirit and cannot be seen with human eyes, so every believer must use their spiritual eyes to see the attacks of the adversary.

God had a reconciliation plan to save all humanity, which had to be executed through the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. While many believers did not want Jesus to die, he had to give his life to save humanity. Satan entered Judas to betray Jesus, thinking that Jesus’ death would be the end of him, but Satan’s plan only worked in God’s favor, as Jesus arose and is now available to save everyone. Yet again, Satan was defeated by the death of Jesus.

The calling of God on the life of Joseph provoked Satan, and he put jealousy in the hearts of Joseph’s brethren. His brethren did many things to hurt him, but their actions only allowed Joseph to fulfill the will of God. Although Satan worked through the life of Potiphar’s wife and caused innocent Joseph to be sent to prison, God caused Pharaoh to have a dream that only Joseph could have interpreted. Satan lost again, and he did not defeat Joseph.

David was a youth, and it appeared that he was taking on the wrong challenge against an experienced giant named Goliath. However, David did not fight with man’s weapon but allowed God to fight for him, and he won against Goliath. 

While Satan asked God for permission to affect the life of Job, the servant of God remained faithful, and God blessed the latter end of Job’s life greater than his earlier days. King Darius threw Daniel in a lion’s den, but God came through for Daniel and the king respected Daniel’s God.

The Lord promises to bless every believer, but they must fight in the strength of their God if they are to defeat Satan’s attacks. Every believer must put on the whole armor of God to fight the evil one. While Moses and the children of Israel were not military trained, God gave them the victory over Pharaoh’s army. Is there anything too hard for God to do? Put your battles in God’s hand and he will give you the victory.


Every believer is tempted by Satan at some point. Yet, God does not want us to succumb to the temptations and traps Satan lays. Instead, God gives us His armor to protect us. He has shown us in His Word and through the example of Jesus how we can stand strong against Satan if we rely on God’s strength and wisdom. As you read the Biblical examples of those who stood against Satan’s attack, remember that God is already victorious, having defeated Satan through Jesus’ death. Be encouraged, as God will give you victory, too!

Author Bio

Reverend Geary Reid knows that he is no match against Satan, but he has seen God win many victories for him. From an early age, Geary Reid stopped trusting in his own strength and allowed the Lord to work on his behalf. Reverend Reid encourages believers trust in God through his regular teaching and preaching. He hopes to see many believers have victory over Satan. 

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