Going Hard After God

When God calls us to follow him, we must be willing to pursue him with our whole hearts.

When God calls us, we are to give ourselves wholly to Christ. That may mean denying some of the things we desire, as God expects commitment, not just lip service. If you commit yourself to the Lord, he will bless you.

In Going Hard after God, Geary Reid outlines the many ways believers seek God with a spirit of humility, being willing to learn. When you learn to seek God with your whole heart, you will have victory and blessings. You can stay connected with God through Jesus, through prayer, and through God’s Word. We must search for God every day, placing him first in our lives, and when you seek God, you are sure to find him.



The work of the Lord cannot be done by lazy persons. God needs more persons to follow him all the way, so he is looking for persons who have a willing heart and want to go hard after him. Lukewarmness will not allow believers to have a breakthrough in their lives.

For anyone to work for the Lord, they must first be called by him. Some persons are called by God, but they are trying to hide. It must be known that no one can hide from God, since he is omniscient and watches over the entire universe. When a person comes to the Lord, they must be willing to deny themselves of some things in order to follow him.

Seeking God and his power must not be done haphazardly; it must be intentional. Therefore, persons need to seek God first and not last. God must be everyone’s first priority. For those who seek God first, he will do many good things for them. Cling to God now and let him become a blessing to your life.

All believers, whether young or old, must equip themselves with the Word of God and prayer. These are two powerful resources that will give believers victories and allow them to overcome the adversary. Jesus knew the Word and was in prayer, so when Satan attacked him in the wilderness, he responded appropriately to Satan. The Word of God is a lamp and light to every believer’s feet, and they must use it daily as they move from location to location. When believers pray, they have the power to bind and loose things on the earth and in heaven, so believers must be fervent with their prayer and see great results.

When persons sin, they must not be ashamed to seek forgiveness from God. David was a great example of a man who sinned and, despite his status, sought forgiveness for his sins. God forgave him and used him greatly.

Persons will become sick. However, good friends must be willing to help those who are sick to be healed. Some good friends are willing to do whatever it takes to help their friends to receive God’s healing.

Those who work for God must expect persecution. However, as they work for God, he will deliver them, just as he did for Paul and Silas. No prison is too strong that God cannot break it and set his children free as they work diligently for him.

The Holy Spirit is free and available to all believers. Those who go hard after God need the Holy Spirit in their lives. With the Holy Spirit, they have power as never before. There are many spiritual gifts that are accessible through the Holy Spirit. All believers must allow the Holy Spirit to operate in their lives as they go hard after God.

Those who want to become efficient in their ministry always need a quality mentor. Therefore, every believer must choose someone who will help them to become efficient.


Going hard after God starts with being called by him, but that is only the beginning. When you give yourself to Christ, you need to deny yourself to fully follow him. If you desire to go hard after God, you must be willing to place him first. When you place God first by disciplining yourself in prayer, reading the Bible, and using your gifts, his blessings, deliverance, and victory will follow.

Author Bio

From an early age, Geary Reid felt God’s calling. He constantly desired to grow in his relationship with God, and in 1986, he devoted his life to the Lord. Now, as he continues to seek God by attending multiple church services a week, along with Bible studies and prayer meetings, Reid grows in his knowledge and love of the Lord. He preaches and writes to share the wisdom of God and see God’s work in other believers.

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