Metamorphosis: From Sinner to Saint

Geary Reid’s Metamorphosis: From Sinner to Saint illustrates how Christians can grow in their faith and knowledge of God.

Believes do not automatically become saints when they choose to believe in Jesus Christ. Rather, sainthood is a transformation that takes place over time as believers interact with God through prayer, Bible study, worship, and other spiritual disciplines. While believers must try to pass on their faith to their children, it is up to each individual to respond to Jesus’s call, and Reid encourages believers to continue to seek God and His kingdom, trusting the Holy Spirit to work in and through them. Through these acts of faith, the sinner undergoes a metamorphosis and enters true sainthood.



Many persons need to know the Lord. Is anyone making a deliberate effort to help them know Christ as Savior?
To live a life of sin is to live a life that leads to spiritual death. However, Christ desires that all persons will come to know and accept him. When Christ came, his mission was to allow persons to walk away from sin and to become saved. He died that all may live. He was the only begotten Son of God. While he had other important things to do, he wanted to see everyone become saved.
Some persons may not acknowledge it, but everyone was born a sinner. As sinners, they all need Jesus Christ. He is free and available to everyone. He extends an invitation to everyone, and those who accept him will be saved. Have you accepted him? If not, then today is a good day to walk away from your sinful life and allow Christ to transform you. If you have already been saved, do you know of anyone who still needs salvation? If so, reach out to them and share the good news with them.
After you accept Christ, you have some work to do to become better equipped for the kingdom of God. New converts must be willing to spend some time learning the important things that they are required to do for God’s kingdom.
Having a personal relationship with the Lord is important for all believers. To have a personal relationship with the Lord, you must repent and turn from your evil ways. All persons who are saved have also had to turn from their evil ways, and now they are enjoying that which the Lord is doing through their life.
While salvation is instant, sanctification is a process, and those who come to know the Lord must go through that process. Bible studies, personal devotion, and prayer meetings are some things that both new beginners and existing members must be engaged in so that their walk with the Lord will be strengthened. Meditating on God’s Word must be a regular thing for believers. If you are going to help sinners, then you must become knowledgeable about God and his work. You must also experience his Holy Spirit, so that your work to win sinners becomes easy.
Tithing is important for all believers to do, regardless of age, once they come into God’s kingdom. Worship and praise unto the Lord must be done by all believers. Worshipping the Lord must not be confined to a building; every believer must worship the Lord wherever they are.
Since you are now saved and have moved from a sinner to a saint, what’s next? It is not graduation time, but an opportunity for you to go after persons who are in a similar state as you were before. There is always room at the Cross for all those who will come to the Lord. Go after sinners, since he that winneth souls is wise. Help point people to a better life, which is found in Christ.


Geary Reid’s Metamorphosis: From Sinner to Saint offers a fresh, unique take on the sinner’s need for salvation and the transformative power of God. Jesus is knocking at the doors of our hearts, and he wants people from all walks of life to follow him, but those who respond must want to be saved. Believers do not automatically become saints once they accept the gospel; rather, they are sanctified by the Holy Spirit over time. A believer must put in the work of living his or her faith by spending time with God, praying, reading and studying the Bible, and tithing in obedience to God. Reid argues that to truly grow in the faith, believers must worship God, help others, and share the gospel, as it is through these acts that a believer becomes a true saint.

Author Bio

From an early age, Reverend Geary Reid recognized that he was a sinner and gave his heart to the Lord. In 1986, he boldly answered the Lord’s call. Although he was opposed by those who thought his faith was a passing phase, he was encouraged and assisted in his early walk with the Lord by pastors who wanted to see believers grow. After Reid was baptized in 1989, he taught Sunday school and Bible studies and led worship and prayer meetings. He has become a leader in Evangelism wherever he goes and is passionate about instructing sinners so that they may know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

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