Winning Your Next Interview

Interviewer Geary Reid outlines not only how job hunters can best market themselves and command an interview but also how employers can attract the perfect candidates

Experienced interviewer Geary Reid reveals how job hunters can market themselves as ideal candidates and how employers can attract outstanding employees.

Job hunters know they need to do everything in their power to demonstrate their value to a potential employer, and employers know how important attracting the right employees is to the success of a business. Armed with decades of human resources experience, Geary Reid outlines the best ways for job hunters to prepare for and command an interview. Additionally, he discusses strategies employers can use to bring in the most capable job candidates. Learn about both sides of the hiring process and gain a better understanding of how to succeed in the job market.



The most common problem faced by the human resource team is employee recruitment and selection. They have a hard time choosing suitable candidates for vacant positions in their organization because the applicant sometimes fails to prepare for their application and the interview process. They see ambiguities in their application and problems with their behavior during the interview, and applicants lack the ability to persuade the interviewing panel.

Winning Your Next Interview provides detailed steps on how both the applicants and the organization can prepare for their next interview.

Many people hope and pray for the opportunity to pursue their dream job or career but fail to prepare for it. As Zig Ziglar wrote, “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. This literature will assist people in their preparation for their dream job. It provides detailed steps on how to prepare for an interview and win the hearts of the interviewing panel. The steps will guide them on what to do before and during their interview process and allow them to leave the room with the confidence that they have not only passed the interview but also secured the job.

Moreover, this literature seeks to shed light on the other side of the coin by outlining the requisite steps that an employer or a potential employer should take to recruit or select the best candidate for the job.

This literature is strategically divided into three main sections. Section 1 focuses on the organization and the role it plays in the recruitment and selection process. Section 2 outlines the effort individuals are required to invest in the interview process, and Section 3 ends by providing a step-by-step guide before and during the interview process. Together, the three sections provide an insight into the essentials for employment and adequately prepare the employer and applicant to win their next interview.

On completion of this literature, applicants will be better able to market themselves, their qualifications and their experience to command the interview room and persuade the panel. Employers, on the other hand, will be able to attract and retain quality applicants.


For job hunters, the interview process can feel confusing and stressful. For employers and human resources teams, finding the right candidate for a job is an equally daunting task. Expert business educator Geary Reid offers this wealth of information with the intention of simplifying the process for both sides. Learn how to prepare for your next interview, whether as the interviewer or the interviewee. Reid provides a comprehensive outline of how job hunters can make themselves marketable to employers and, in turn, how employers can better appeal to potential employees.

Author Bio

Geary Reid, an experienced interviewer and senior manager, has interviewed more than seven hundred job candidates over the course of his career. He has seen many people come and go, so he knows exactly what to look for in a potential employee as well as what strategies organizations need to adopt to make positions attractive to job hunters.

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