Be Thankful

Author Geary Reid unveils many of the things that he is thankful for. He knows that money cannot buy life. He challenges persons who have one leg or one hand, to be thankful, as there are other persons without hands and feet.

Life will continue to be a challenge for many persons, but that must not stop them from being thankful. With whatever little you think you have, read this book and begin to celebrate. Encourage someone else to be thankful and soon this world can be a better place.



People oftentimes look at themselves and find so many faults and shortcomings, especially, when they compare themselves to others. They can only see the glass as half empty. This literature aims at providing its readers with many reasons to see their glass as at least half full, and if they begin to be thankful and maximize some of their strengths, then they can realize a fuller glass sooner.

Generally, people need to stop complaining and begin doing. Complaining only allows us to find the consolation of our mess and not recognize the hope that exists, the fact that we are champions in our sphere, and the improvements in our lives depend heavily on what we’re willing to do. Remember, there is no second you, so be the best you and be thankful always.

You can be thankful for several things in life. While some things may seem small, be thankful. As you wait for and work towards more significant things to happen, count your blessings one by one. You will be amazed when you begin to recognize what you have, resulting in you being thankful. Life may not provide you with everything you would like to have, but you may have many things that you did not even consider as important.

Being employed is a great reason to be thankful. Did you know that many people need employment but cannot find any opportunity to be employed? If you are not employed by a government entity, then you can become self-employed.

Even if you do not have the best of health, still be thankful since you could have been dead but are alive today. Everyone, once they live long enough, may have some health issues. The severity may vary from person to person. However, be willing to express your thankfulness. While your health condition may be challenging to you, other people would like to exchange theirs for yours since theirs constantly causes them to question what they did wrong to be suffering from such poor health.

Not everyone whom you see who may be smiling has all members of their family with them. Sometimes one accident takes away most members of a family. Some families have generational health issues that cause most of the family to die, and some of them may die at an early age. If you have your family with you, then be thankful as you have people to share your joys and sorrows with. If your family can afford it, they may also help finance you if the need arises.

Finding a place to live is not always easy. Some people wish to find at least a place they can call their regular place to stay as they are like nomads. If you are living in a rented place, be thankful. If you have your own house, be thankful. If you have more than one property, be thankful. While you may not have the perfect home, still be thankful. Also, be thankful if you can have access to health care.


Complaining does not make life better. Join Geary Reid, read this book and become thankful. You may have many struggles, but be thankful to be alive since many things are working in your favor.He makes it his routine to be thankful. As he awakes and sees another day, he is thankful to the creator, thankful for health and so many wonderful persons that he will see each day. He wants you to stop complaining, be thankful today, as you read this book, written just for you.

Author Bio

While growing up, Geary Reid’s family did not have everything, but they learnt to be thankful. Today, he continues a family tradition of thankfulness. Before consuming his meals, he gives thanks. When he receives his salary, he gives thanks. When he travels to work or returns safely from work, he is thankful. His wife and children have the same approach of being thankful for whatever they have.

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