Building Sustainable Friendships

All it takes to build lasting friendships is an openness to connecting with others.

Anyone could be a potential friend if you are open to building new relationships.

Friendships are important and help us to have a good and fulfilling life. In order to make new friends who will be positive influences in your life, you have to be friendly and open. You can make friends wherever you go, such as your neighborhood, work, church, sporting events, school, or even the doctor’s office!

Once you make friendships, it’s important to sustain them. You should invest time and energy in your friends, meeting up with them or contacting them regularly and making amends whenever you have a falling out. Being a good friend means showing up for that person, celebrating life’s joys with them such as birthdays and weddings, and being there for them when they are sick or grieving.

If you want to learn what it takes to build lasting friendships in your life, this book is for you. In it, you will find tips and advice for maintaining healthy boundaries while being supportive to those who are important to you.



Building a friendship can be difficult for those who have been hurt by previous friendships and do not want to be hurt again. But life is not perfect, and it is very difficult to live your life without friends, so learn how to build friendships and to make those friendships sustainable. 

Within many families, some members feel comfortable and do not look for friends. However, in other families, there may be challenges that force family members to develop friendships with many persons. Neighbors are another good source of friendships that some persons overlook. Each neighbor may add value to the lives of those around them, whether they are experiencing good or bad times. 

Leaders and members of religious institutions are there to support persons and to let them know that they are loved. Those who need counseling and prayers from past hurts may seek that counseling from religious institutions. When persons visit markets, supermarkets, financial institutions, or fuel stations, there are many opportunities for them to develop friendships. These friendships can then blossom if each person continues to stay connected.

Those who are employed have many opportunities to develop friendships with coworkers and supervisors. While some persons work because they want to earn for themselves, others enjoy working because there are persons there who will become their friends. These friendships may have many things in common, including children of similar ages, or there may be many single persons working for the organization. Some organizations create opportunities for their employees to participate in sports. As employees constantly participate in sports, their friendships may develop both on and off the field. Employees may have opportunities to be sponsored by their employers to attend training programs together, which will result in their being more productive for the organization.

To build sustainable friendships, persons must be intentional in doing so. This may include planning reunions with family members, friends, former workmates, and classmates. When persons are invited to birthdays and weddings, they have more opportunities to strengthen their friendships. Even at funerals, there may be opportunities for persons to reconnect with friends they have not seen for a very long time. At school graduations, students, teachers, and parents have opportunities to gain new friendships and to build on previous friendships. 

A few telephone calls or emails may be a good way of sustaining friendships, especially for persons who cannot visit each other regularly. If you are looking for new friends, ensure that you establish the qualities you need from your new friends. You will have to correct your friends, but do that in love. Never try to damage good friendships. Everyone needs a friend, so build quality friendships today.


It can be challenging to make and maintain new friendships. Yet, friends are essential for our mental and emotional health. They provide care and support and can strengthen us when we’re feeling down. Friendships challenge us, and we must learn to consider the needs of others and respect boundaries. When we learn the secrets of building lasting friendships as laid out here, we will have a better and more fulfilling life.

Author Bio

Growing up, Geary Reid learned how to befriend persons in his community and school. His parents encouraged him to be social and open to making new friends, a practice he has continued as an adult. He tries to make friends wherever he goes and is thankful for the many long-lasting friendships he has developed over the years. 

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