Neighbors Are Important

Good neighbors are essential in building happy, safe communities throughout the world.

In the timely Neighbors Are Important, author Geary Reid recaptures the true meaning of being a neighbor. From lending items or money to sharing parenting wisdom, good neighbors provide necessary support and resources to others in the community. Reid shares from his own rural background to discuss the roles neighbors play in contributing to the overall betterment of society. Neighbors are more than people who live near each other; they are people who depend on each other. Here, Reid offers practical suggestions for establishing and maintaining strong, lasting neighborly relationships.



Some people enjoy having others live next to them, while others prefer to live by themselves. These two situations may result from past experiences or one’s preferences.

Having a neighbor is very good. Throughout a person’s life, they may have several neighborhood options. Some people may be born in and spend all their lives in one area. Other persons do not build their own homes and move from one community to another. On each move, they develop new neighbors. Some persons still maintain contact with their previous neighbors because the relationships they established are still important to them, even until today. Who is a neighbor? Where does your neighbor live? These two questions will require many different answers from different persons.

Every neighbor has needs. If a person can meet his or her neighbor’s needs, then that person may be good friends with and help that neighbor without that neighbor having to ask. Some neighbors will not want anyone to know that they need something. However, one can inquire about a neighbor’s needs in different ways.

Many neighbors should try to educate persons within their community and/or village. When persons are educated, they can expect to find employment very easily—a natural outcome. Criminal activities often plague a community, but each person must do whatever is necessary to reduce the same. Everyone must engage the law enforcement agencies with a view to lending a helping hand. They are not the only organization to combat crime.

Environmental preservation is everybody’s business. Keeping the community and environs clean must be everybody’s business. This responsibility must not be left to the government. Tree planting and cleaning the environment must be done regularly. Tree planting is a vital means of creating green space and preserving the very means by which we live and exist.

Everyone should support the environmental, social and human development of their community since they may all contribute to the beneficiaries of the investments that they make in the communities. The true investment to develop a community is well within the hands of all citizens, and the beneficiaries are the offspring.

Entertainment, rest and recreation are all good for societal development. Some communities are known for entertaining. When planning entertainment, remember to consider different age groups. Entertainment may require some amount of advertisement, especially if the intention is to invite many persons and to obtain much revenue. When entertainment is well planned and executed within the community, many neighbors may be pleased.


Neighbors do more than simply live near each other; they depend on each other for guidance and assistance in education, health and wellbeing, and religious and moral values. In Neighbors Are Important, Geary Reid shares insights from his childhood in the countryside, offering a fresh perspective on the roles neighbors play in caring for each other. Based on his experiences, he offers practical advice on how we can be good neighbors to those in our communities while contributing to the overall betterment of society.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid saw the importance of neighbors firsthand while growing up in the countryside, where his parents established good relationships with those who lived around them and encouraged his whole family to do the same. Reid applies these values beyond those who live next door, trying to model what it means to be a good neighbor in all his communities. Everyone needs neighbors, and Reid wants to help people understand how to be a good one.

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