Becoming a Good Candidate for Promotion

You could be the next one promoted at your workplace, if you know the strategies to get you there.

Your next promotion could be closer than you think.

Sometimes it can feel like you will never get the recognition you deserve at work, and you wonder if you will ever be promoted. 

If you use the tips and strategies shared by Geary Reid in Becoming a Good Candidate for Promotion, the next promotion at your company could be as good as yours. Learn from an expert who has been promoted to senior positions many times how to be a team player and a hardworking employee to help you on the road to your career success!

From proving to be a model employee to going the extra mile, Reid shares many habits you can create to win the approval and admiration of both your coworkers and boss. When you show your commitment to your work and the company, and develop your people skills and value through education and socializing, you will become a top candidate for promotion.



Working many years at an organization is not the only reason that leaders consider an employee for promotion. Each employee has certain things that they must do to give themselves an opportunity to be promoted. Employees sometimes feel that if they want an increase in compensation or greater recognition, then they have to change organizations. However, if an employee’s performance and knowledge meet the leaders’ requirement, then that employee can be promoted, so that their compensation and recognition can increase within the same organization.

As an employee, one way you can give yourself an opportunity to be promoted is to ensure that you are consistently punctual and regular at work. While some employees may see this as an insignificant area for assessment, it is in fact a critical area that will determine their success. Leaders often stress the importance of employees coming to work on time, and leaders will not promote those who do not respect the organization’s work time.

It may be important to spend some time studying your leader. If you do not know your leader’s style, then you may not know how to build a good and professional relationship with them.  

While you are awaiting an anticipated promotion, it is recommended that you increase your academics. You may have to invest your own finances, but this will be a beneficial investment in the long term, since you can become a prime candidate for promotion when that time arrives. Additionally, as the need arises, increase your skills, since any promotion opportunity may require employees who have specific skill sets that are essential for the vacancy post.

Furthermore, be willing to go the extra mile for your leaders and the organization. This may require you to sacrifice time, energy, and even monetary compensation. Remember, if you demonstrate your commitment to the organization, chances are high that you will be considered above the other candidates when a vacancy arises. 

Ensure that your output is consistent with the quality of work expected by the organization. If your output is below expectations, then you can be replaced, as the organization wants to increase its profit. Also, let health and safety be a daily concern for you and your fellow employees.

As you build friendships at work, try to engage in meaningful conversations. Remember to choose your friends and associates wisely, since people create perceptions of you based on who you associate with. Your leaders will need to hear from you, so be willing to provide regular feedback. Do not always wait to be called upon for a progress report; instead, try to keep them regularly informed on tasks and projects undertaken. Seek to help others, as you will be developing your reputation as a mentor and your leader may want to promote a good teacher and mentor like you. 


Standing out from your coworkers can be a challenge but is not impossible. Here, Geary Reid shows you how to shine as a model employee so that you can win the promotion of your dreams. He reveals the habits, knowledge, skills, and experience you can gain and develop on your path to success. As you develop your people skills, work ethic, and reputation, you and those around you will reap the benefits, and you are more likely to be entrusted with greater responsibility. Your promotion is within reach, if you are willing to put in the work!

Author Bio

During his time working for different organizations, Author Geary Reid has learned the key to winning a promotion. He was promoted twice within the first six months of working at two previous jobs. He has also been offered more prestigious positions and pay while he was occupying senior roles. Many factors contributed to his successful promotions, some of which he details here. 

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