Conflict Management through Biblical Principles

Managing conflict well requires healthy, Biblical solutions.

Conflict is an inevitable part of life.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to dread or hide from it. Instead, you can learn to understand its causes and work towards peaceful resolutions. 

Conflict at home, work, or in the church can be dealt with in healthy, effective ways that repair relationships instead of destroying them. Geary Reid will teach you methods for resolving conflicts, such as turning away from anger and turning towards forgiveness. You can start learning to boldly confront your problems today by finding creative solutions to the conflict in your life!



Is conflict good or bad? Do you know who and what causes conflict? Do you enjoy conflict? If you want to explore these questions, then this literature is just for you, as well as your family, your friends, and many religious persons.

How you manage conflict as an individual speaks to your maturity. While you may be able to smile at some storms, other persons will be consumed even before the storm has ended. Do you know of anyone who struggles with conflict and needs some help? Then become an agent of change to help them experience a better life while surrounded by conflicts.

If some conflicts are not properly resolved, they may reappear, and on their second appearance, they may be more harmful, since other persons may support those who did wrong things. Some conflicts do not need your effort and energy, so let those conflicts quickly blow away. You do not have to fight every battle.

This literature is divided into three sections. The first addresses problems among people and organizations that often contribute to conflicts. The second section addresses how to resolve conflicts as individuals and as groups. Then the final section identifies proactive measures in minimizing conflicts by taking care of the body and mind. Many of these suggestions in the final section can be made by individuals, since everyone is expected to be a peacemaker. To resolve conflicts, persons must sometimes accept a compromise, since both will not be equal winners if their views are different. Seeking a mediator may be an option in resolving some conflicts, especially when the two persons have not found unique ways of resolving their conflict.

When some persons are stressed, they make basic mistakes that hurt the lives of others. The success of one person can cause many others to hate their progress. If some persons are very close with certain leaders, it causes others to feel as though they are not loved. Have you learned any lessons from your past experiences with particular situations and individuals?

When persons can manage their tongue, they will have fewer conflicts and more friends. If you have said or done something bad to someone, be willing to confess your faults to them and let peace prevail. Be willing to build healthy relationships with others.

Sometimes, a vacation may be a good thing to ease a person’s stress and prevent them from getting involved in unnecessary conflicts. Eat healthy, not only for now but always, so that your body is properly nourished and you can avoid irregular behaviors in your body and mind. You are free to entertain yourself as you find ways to ease your tension. Entertainment can be done regularly, and it can also be done by inviting friends and family members to have some good times together. While enjoying the entertainment, persons may have opportunities to laugh, smile, and find solutions to some of the conflicts they have caused.


What causes conflict, and how can you resolve it? Here, Geary Reid discusses how to manage conflict at work, home, or in religious organizations by following some basic Biblical principles. We all have to deal with conflict and can do so from a mature and healthy perspective. When you get to the root of common conflicts in your life, you will begin to overcome and prevent conflict so that you can live at peace with everyone.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid has seen many conflicts over the years while counseling people at work and in religious organizations. In 2008, Reid attended a course on conflict management which gave him useful tools and insights he now shares with others. Reid advocates for conflict resolution in some of his teaching sessions, desiring all to live in peace. 

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