Your Prayers Matter

Many Christians have forgotten the importance of prayer.

Geary Reid reminds believers that even Jesus, the Son of God, prayed—and so should they.

Jesus emphasized the importance of prayer to his disciples, and the Bible gives us countless examples of people of faith praying. The time for Christians to start praying is now. While we as believers must pray effectively, confessing our sins and believing God will answer us, we also need to learn to forgive others before God will hear our prayers. Through prayer, Christians see more prosperity, healing, and deliverance. Take a trip through scripture with Reid and learn about when to pray, what to pray for, and how to improve your prayer life with God.



Praying is not optional for the believer; it must become a lifestyle, where every believer constantly seeks the presence of the Lord for their breakthrough and success. Their prayer may not be answered at their first request, but they must not give up easily.

Prayer is so important that Jesus taught his disciples to pray. When Jesus walked on the earth, he knew that he was going to be crucified, yet he prayed before his crucifixion. If Jesus, who is the Son of God, spends time praying, why would believers think that they ought not to pray daily? Before Jesus started his earthly ministry, he fasted forty days and nights so that he would be empowered and God the Father would be with him throughout his short journey on the earth.

Every believer must remember that if they want to be effective in their prayer, they must forgive people. Unforgiveness hinders prayer. Fasting is another important ingredient in every believer’s prayer life and must be done frequently.

No believer must accept poverty, since God wants all saints to prosper. Satan plans to keep the believers poor, but every believer must pray that God will make them prosperous. Those who are poor will know that they have to be diligent in what they are doing so that God will bless their hands.

Everyone must pray: men, women, children, and families. God has many things available to believers, but if they do not pray, nothing will happen.

There are many mountains that stand before a person’s life, but with prayer, those mountains will be removed. Prayer is so powerful that it will open prison doors that were secured. God will always protect his children and provide ways of escape for them.

Rain is seen as part of nature, but when believers pray, they can shut up the heavens from raining, and when they pray again, they can command the rain to return. Besides rain, believers can also call down the fire of God to destroy the works of darkness.

Those who are sick have access to God’s healing power, and the elders in the church have a responsibility to pray for those who need God’s healing. Those who are demon-possessed can be delivered through the power of prayer. When persons are barren, they ought not to blame each other, but seek God for deliverance from barrenness.

The gospel has to reach all parts of the earth; therefore, believers must pray that God enlarges their borders. They must seek God so that he will give them favor in every area of their lives. If you have prayed and have not seen any results, then pray and pray until God gives you the victory. Prayer is a key with the potential to unlock many doors without human confrontation. Nothing is too difficult when prayer becomes part of your equation, along with God’s favor.


Prayer is an essential part of a believer’s lifestyle. After all, Jesus modeled and taught prayer to his disciples. However, like the disciples, you may wonder how to pray. As a believer, you must pray effectively and in faith, not allowing unforgiveness, hatred, and an unclean heart to hinder you. Believers must pray with urgency and increasing intensity as they knock on God’s door. God will hear and answer your prayers, as we see in scripture, allowing believers to become more prosperous, experience healing, and see their borders enlarged. Every believer must pray, as the Bible makes no exceptions. Prayer is the way God’s people have always accomplished their goals. When believers learn to pray daily and effectively, they will start to see God’s work in their lives.

Author Bio

Since being called to serve God in 1986, author Geary Reid has constantly prayed and sought God’s wisdom, experiencing favorable responses many times. He prays throughout the day, including the moment he gets up, when he faces challenges, before each meal, and when he gets into his car. Reid prays for others in the church and at work. As Jesus valued prayer, Reid reminds all believers to make prayer a priority.

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