Prosperity God’s Way

God wants his people to live in prosperity. This thorough Biblical analysis illustrates how believers can do so.

Prosperity is not simply about having money. The prosperity God wants for you comes from obeying him and seeking all of his blessings, not just the financial ones. When a believer is willing to follow the Bible and treat it as an instruction manual, he or she can live an active lifestyle in pursuit of prosperity through faith and prayer, giving to others and to the Lord. Many challenges can hold believers back from prosperity, but in this book, Geary Reid provides Biblical answers to help you overcome those obstacles and live a life that pleases God.



This book provides sound biblical, social and practical ways for any individual to prosper. The information contained in this book comes from research, other textbooks, personal experience and God’s inspiration. Each chapter is progressive and helps you to have a clear understanding of many biblical principles that will make you prosperous. God has his people’s interest at heart; he is always interested in your success, and he wants to “do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). There is great power in every individual, and when you team up with God and make yourselves available, all things become possible.

For many years, Christians have suffered for lack of knowledge, and they have embraced poverty, not wanting to be separated from it. Their realities have been far from what God expects of them. The word of God acts as a defense and guide, thus helping believers to live according to his plan. Prosperity is not magic, it is real, and you can experience it continuously.

Many Christians in times past have seen prosperity as similar to sin. They failed to activate God’s word in their lives because the enemy has lied to them and told them that they cannot be prosperous. But God expects them to be the head and not the tail, to be lenders and not borrowers.

This literature is filled with many scriptures that will guide the reader accordingly. Many of them are used repeatedly, as they bear relevance to many chapters. In some cases, one passage may be used to illustrate a point, while in others, the flow of the point may be illustrated through a series of passages. Most of the scriptures are self-explanatory and do not require much support, as they clearly share what God wants his people to know.

To conclude, you will be rich in your mind by reading this book, but your application of these principles will determine your success. It may surprise you to learn that prosperity is more than money. When you are blessed, you can help others to get to where you are now. Your life must be a motto that the unbelievers want to pattern their lives after.


Some think pursuing prosperity goes against the teachings of God. Supported by abundant examples from scripture, Geary Reid dispels this belief. Unlike other academic treatments of management and finances, Prosperity God’s Way offers a unique take rooted in the word of the Lord. Reid provides fresh insight into what it means to live a good life as a follower of God, demonstrating that prosperity includes both spiritual and physical blessings rather than solely financial wealth. Believers must trust in the Lord for the right timing, living wisely with their finances, possessions, and families. Most importantly, Reid argues for why believers should pass along to others the blessings and gifts God has given them.

Author Bio

Geary Reid is well versed in the Bible and in leading others in the ways of God, from years of teaching Bible studies, to conducting prayer meetings, to preaching at various congregations. Whenever he teaches, he uses academic information to help the body of Christ bridge the gap between the Christian and secular walks. Inspired by apostle Colin Esseboom’s teachings, entitled “God Wants You to Prosper,” Geary Reid wrote this book to help people prosper using Biblical principles.

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