Fear not, God is with you

By putting their faith in God, Christians will be able to overcome their fears and live their lives with a renewed purpose.

By putting their faith in God, Christians will be able to overcome their fears and live their lives with a renewed purpose.

In Fear Not, God is With You, Reverend Geary Reid discusses the importance of overcoming fear. Everyone is imbued with great potential, but only a small percentage of people actually summon the courage and chase after their dreams. Fear often hinders people from living the lives they had always imagined. Throughout their lives, Christians will experience self-doubt, and they will wonder whether they are good enough. It is only natural to feel this way from time to time, but Christians cannot allow these fears to impede them from living up to their God-given potential. Truly, God will not allow Christians to wander through life aimlessly; instead, He will be there to offer support and guidance to those who put their trust in His plan. 

Indeed, the Bible presents various stories about the importance of overcoming fear. For example, before Moses died, he told Joshua, his successor, to not be afraid of what was to come. Later, God repeated this message to Joshua, which gave him the strength to face the future. Though fear is a fact of life, Christians must not succumb to their insecurities. Satan wants people to fester in self-doubt, but God will always uplift believers and remind them of their worth. Only by believing in their true potential can Christians let go of their fears and live more joyous lives.



Many persons have tremendous possibilities to accomplish greatness, but some of them have only experienced defeat, because fear got into their minds. They often find excuses for why they cannot do something because they are fearful. Oftentimes, fear creates a blockage for persons that prevents them from doing their best. Once they become fearful, they no longer want to do great things, but instead settle for whatever small things will happen to them. Satan like to make persons feel that they are defeated, even before they start something important.

With God, fear has to go. Throughout the Bible, God reveals that people are affected by fear. Therefore, he often communicated with them using the familiar phase “Fear not.” When he did so, he reminded them that he will be there for them and will never leave them. He also wanted them to know that they will be victorious because he is working on their behalf. Although the mountain will look very high to climb, with God all things are possible, and God wants his children to fear not, because he will enable them to climb any mountain.

Fear is extensively discussed in this literature, and solutions to overcome fears are also provided. When individuals put their trust in God, they will overcome their fear, since fear has no power over God.

The children of God will be delivered from fear as they allow God to work through their lives. God will strengthen his children even when they are fearful, so they will overcome fear and accomplish the assignments that he has set before them.

Every believer must put on the whole armor of God, which protects them from the attacks of the adversary. When believers are protected, they are no longer fearful of Satan’s attacks, as they know that God is their defender and that they will have victory through him.

Believers must not be afraid, as the Holy Spirit will be there to comfort them. Every believer has power over nature and demons. As they allow the Holy Spirit to work through their lives, they must rebuke demons and command nature to listen to their instructions.

Before Moses’ death, Joshua was appointed as the new leader of Israel, and Moses reminded him not to be afraid. After Moses died, God spoke to Joshua and reiterated a similar statement to him: “fear not, nor be afraid.” Joshua was instructed by God to fight against Ai, as God would give Israel the victory, so they did not need to fear when they fought against that nation.

When believers hide themselves in God, their enemies will stumble and fall, because God will protect his children against fear. God will be the provider for his children, so they must not fear. Even when there is fire, flood, and the valley of the shadow of death, believers must not fear, because God will be with them and will take them through those places. Every believer must know that God is on their side, and he will cause them to have the victory over fear and all other challenges they may face. Through him, they will overcome fear and have continuous victories.


Throughout their lives, Christians will experience fear and self-doubt. Sometimes, they will be able to assuage these feelings effortlessly, while other times, they will unintentionally let fear impede their personal and spiritual growth. Though Christians may sometimes feel alone, isolated, and anxious, they must remember that God is always there to help and guide them. Truly, Christians cannot allow their fear to prevent them from living the life they have always imagined. How can Christians learn to overcome their fear? Why should Christians put their trust in God’s plan? What does the Bible teach Christians about the importance of faith, prayer, and determination? In this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers answers to these questions—and many more. Even though life may seem overwhelming at times, Christians should be buoyed by the knowledge that God is always there to support them. By putting their faith in God, Christians will be able to overcome their fears and live their lives with a renewed purpose.

Author Bio

Over the course of his life, Reverend Geary Reid has been plagued by fear. His fear has often stopped him from living up to his full potential. However, by putting his trust in God, Reid has been able to bolster his own self-confidence. This, in turn, has allowed him to overcome his fears and accomplish his goals. Though he still experiences defeat, he now knows that everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan for him. Indeed, God will always be there to guide those who believe in Him, and He will never lead them astray. With this book, Reid wants to remind Christians that by putting their faith in God, they will be able to overcome their fears and live their lives with a renewed purpose.

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