Way Maker, Miracle Worker

By putting their faith in God and understanding their purpose, Christians will be able to weather any storm life throws at them.

By putting their faith in God and understanding their purpose, Christians will be able to weather any storm life throws at them.

In Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Reverend Geary Reid reminds Christians of God’s power and plan. No life will be without its trial and tribulations; indeed, over the years, all Christians will experience their fair share of happy and sad moments. They must, however, remember that they do not—and will not—have to face these challenges alone. God is a way maker, a miracle worker, and a promise keeper, and He will always be there to guide His people through life’s many storms. Certainly, if they devote themselves to prayer and learn to trust in God’s plan, Christians will be able to persevere through all the trying times in their lives.

Indeed, the Bible presents various stories about the importance of faith and miracles. Joseph, for instance, was wrongfully accused and sent to prison, but because of his steadfast faith in God, he was eventually acquitted and promoted. Moreover, because the Israelites believed in Him, God persuaded them to cross the Red Sea, which resulted in the defeat of the Egyptian army. Truly, God will aid those who are worthy, and He will not abandon those who believe in Him. The Bible teaches us that any obstacle can be overcome by practicing daily prayer and putting our unwavering faith in God’s greater plan. Miracles do happen, and God will protect those who put their faith in Him.  



The true and living God is a way maker. He keeps his promises. Performing miracles is something he does with little effort, since he can create miracles by his spoken words. The world itself came into existence from the words he spoke.

Whatever situation you are going through, rest assured that the way maker can rescue you. If you are in the valley of the shadow of death, he can reach you there and protect you from your enemies. No flood can drown you when God is on your side. The fire may be blazing high and hot, but God can walk through it and protect you.

Joseph had two important dreams that pointed him towards being a great leader. His brethren were offended by his dreams and tried to end his life, but their efforts only allowed the will of God to be fulfilled. Potiphar’s wife wrongfully accused Joseph, which resulted in him being thrown into prison. When Joseph was in prison, God caused the chief cupbearer to know him and later recommend him to Pharaoh. After Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, he was promoted, according to what God had shown him in the two dreams. 

Leaving Egypt was a tough journey for the Israelites, but God changed their direction so that he could harden the heart of Pharaoh and Egypt’s armies to follow after them. As the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, God drowned their enemies.

God sent Elijah to the house of the widow at Zarephath so that he could work miracles for her. While Elijah stayed at her house, her son became sick, and God used Elijah to restore her son’s life. The creditor came to collect the widow’s sons, but God used Elisha to rescue her. While she had little oil, God increased it, which allowed her to have enough money to pay her creditors and provide meals for her family. Elisha said the food prices would plummet in twenty-four hours. While it looked impossible according to human logic, God worked through four leprous men to fulfill the prophecy.

King Jehoshaphat could only see death and defeat around him after three armies were approaching the kingdom of Judah to fight against it. As Jehoshaphat prayed, God answered the prayer of the people of Judah and gave them victory over their enemies. Esther did not see any way of rescuing the Jewish people after Mordecai spoke to her, but God caused the king to attend her banquet at the right time. The God of Esther, Mordecai, and the Jews gave them sweet victory over Haman’s evil plot.

The lions could not eat Daniel. The fire could not destroy the three Hebrew servants of God. It would seem impossible for five loaves and two fishes to feed even a small family, but whatever is in the hands of the way maker will always prove to be sufficient. Lazarus’ death was only for the Lord to be glorified, as he was miraculously resurrected. Even the strongest prison could not confine Paul and Silas as they prayed and praised God. Every believer must praise God for who he is and what he can do. They must remember that he is the way maker, miracle worker, and promise keeper, and he wants to bless his children.


Though life is difficult, God will never abandon His people or lead them down a path of needless suffering. Truly, in their darkest hour, Christians must remember that God is a miracle worker, and He will always be there to support and guide those who believe in Him. Even when the path ahead seems dark and forlorn, Christians can be buoyed by the knowledge that God is a way maker and a promise keeper. How can Christians learn to put their trust in God’s plan? What can the Bible teach Christians about the importance of faith and miracles? Can prayer help Christians endure through the most challenging moments of their lives? In this book, Reverend Geary Reid offers answers to these questions—and many more. Crucially, Christians must remember that God does not wish to punish them; instead, by leading Christians through trying times, God means to remind them of their own strength and tenacity. By putting their faith in God and understanding their purpose, Christians will be able to weather any storm life throws at them. 

Author Bio

Over the course of his life, Reverend Geary Reid has experienced his fair share of miracles. As a man of God, he is buoyed by the knowledge that God is always looking out for him and his family. Consequently, it is important for Christians to put their faith in God. Everyone experiences challenges in their lives that can, at times, seem too difficult to bear. By putting their trust in God and understanding that He will never lead them astray, however, Christians can learn how to persevere through all of life’s storms. With this book, Reid wants to remind Christians that God is the way maker, a miracle worker, and a promise keeper.

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