Finish Strong

Finish Strong will motivate you to take control of your life, set goals, and find the determination you need to achieve them.

In his newest book, Geary Reid provides insight into what will make you stand out from the competition and win the race. Here, you’ll learn about the obstacles you might face along the way, such as discouragement, fear, and a lack of motivation. You can overcome these obstacles by surrounding yourself with positive people, listening to feedback from others, and channeling the discipline of an athlete. You are in control and can start making your dreams a reality today.



If you ask many persons about life, they will tell you about all the bad things. While that is a good start, they must also be willing to talk about the good things. Too many persons have experienced bad things and forget that they can become victorious.

Victory is first conceptualized in the mind. Even if you do not have some of the things you need, you are not a loser. You may be living in a poor family or a poor neighborhood, but you should not let that define who you are. Despite many of the external factors that may be going against you, you must remind yourself that you are a champion. Your physical structure does not determine your ability to win. You must first establish victory in your mind and then command your physical structure to fall into alignment.

As you go through daily life, you might have a bad or false start. Some of the starts you have encountered can change your destiny. However, never give up on yourself. Some persons want you to fail, but you must show them that you have winning material inside of you.

You must begin to dream big, even when nothing good is happening for you. Once you have a dream and develop your dream, you must equip yourself for a great future. Schooling may be important for your victory. Do not ignore future education. You will also need some positive people around you. When you are discouraged, positive people are like medicine – they can revive you. There may not be many positive people motivating you, but you must keep those positive-thinking people next to you. If you must reward them, do so. Make them feel that their contributions toward you are worthwhile.

Feedback is always important. Do you know that many great leaders have persons advising them and providing them with feedback? Those who hate feedback will continue to have infrequent victory, but that must not be you, as you want constant victories. Reviewing your progress must be done regularly or periodically. Set times for reviews.

Once an event begins, do not lose momentum. Give it the best that you have. You may be tired, but do not stop until you are the first person to pass the finish line.

Always end the race strong. Keep some energy in your reservoir so that you can finish strong. Always keep the finish line in sight. Do not turn back to look at those who are behind you when you are in the race. Stay focused and work on your strategies. Remind yourself that today you will win. You must make your opponents remember your record-breaking performance.

When you have finished the race, it is time to celebrate. Since your performance was outstanding, expect the media houses to be there. Let all the media houses speak of your victory since you finished strong. Congratulations on your victory.


Geary Reid is on a mission to help others achieve their dreams, just as he learned to do. Finish Strong takes the reader on a motivational journey, warning of the pitfalls people often stumble into and outlining practical strategies to avoid them. Reid explores how to maximize your time and resources, teaching you how to view each struggle you face as a learning experience. Become empowered to take hold of your opportunities and discipline yourself to achieve greatness.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid learned to never give up, even when he faced struggles in his studies, at his job, and in his life. He has always found strategies to overcome obstacles, and with this book, he wants to help others do the same. Just as he has done for his employees, colleagues, and friends, he hopes to empower and encourage readers.

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