Success is Possible for Everyone

With this new book by experienced mentor Geary Reid, you can learn the fundamentals of achieving success and helping others in turn.

Some people believe they are not destined for success, that they will never reach their goals. Having overcome several hurdles of his own on the path to success, Geary Reid seeks to stop this pessimism in its tracks. This new book is filled with a wealth of advice on how to stay focused and achieve your goals, building prosperity for yourself and those around you. Reid also explores how you can lift up others and help them reach their goals. Start learning today about how you can achieve a life of success.




Some persons believe that there is a formula for success, while others believe that it may happen to only a few. Some others think that success has to do with their genealogy.

While all of the above may be reasonable, it may not be applicable to other persons who have experienced success but not have any connection to any of the mentioned views. Success requires hard and smart work, but it also needs the help of the Creator. Some people will not start their day without saying a prayer since they know that they need his strength and guidance. They have experienced that without the Creator, their days will be filled with misery, but with his help, peace and success will prevail.

As an individual, you must know yourself and your own abilities. Work hard and aim for good results. Take some time to be quiet since being too busy may be a distraction and may only tire and frustrate you.

While you work hard, you must be ethical. Do those things that are correct even if they are contrary to what others are doing. Studying may be the gateway for your future promotion and recognition in society. Make it an important part of your life as some of the opportunities that will become available to you will require some technical knowledge. Many obstacles will get into your path, but you must have a positive attitude and stay committed as you move around those interferences.

Once you are successful, it is important to share your success with others so that they can also become successful. After you have accomplished some things in life, take a moment to celebrate. Do not overspend. Just celebrate within your resources and be modest since there are many more days ahead.

Mentoring others is another way that will allow you to help. Mentorship will cost both persons, but the success may be greater than the cost. Moreover, investing in yourself and others is a good thing that leads toward success.

The economic condition that surrounds some persons may aid in their success. However, the available economic factors must be maximized since some people have many things working in their favor but cannot show success. Finding good soil is essential for the germination and growth of plants, and a similar thing will be needed for individual economic growth.

Furthermore, good associates are part of some people’s success story. Because of them, they were able to learn many good things, and favor also became available to them. Some people are willing to offer assistance, but you must be with the right company. Negative associations will create more harm and will prevent success. Have an eye for success, stay focused and work diligently, not wavering in your belief that success can happen to you. Success must not be a one-off event but continuous as you keep doing the correct thing.


Everyone craves success, but some people struggle with attaining it, instead holding themselves back and thinking failure is all life has in store for them. Having overcome significant obstacles along his path to prosperity, Geary Reid knows that anyone can set a goal and achieve it. With his new book, he delivers a wealth of helpful advice on how to build a life of success for yourself and those around you. Learn not only how to achieve your own goals but also how to help others achieve theirs.

Author Bio

Geary Reid hates seeing others fail and put themselves down. He believes too many people act like success will always be a stranger, whereas in reality, success is possible for all of us. Like many who are struggling, Reid has never given up in the face of adversity, and he believes you can achieve your goals, too! As long as you keep pushing forward with hard work and determination, and keep your mind open to change, you can achieve success.

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